petak, 30. studenoga 2012.

No More Fear -- 2001 - 2004

If you think that nowdays hardcore is all about hair locks, rimmel and deathmetal guitar riffs and that all the best bands of those days are gone you have to check out No More Fear.
Formed in 1997 in Busto Arsizio (North Italy), since then NMF play an intense, furious and straight up old school hardcore in vein of Ten Yard Fight, Chain of Strength, Ignite, Youth of Today, but with a more modern touch that gives them a high touch of personality.The band proudly endorse and support a drug free and strictly vegetarian lifestyle and in their lyrics often find references to a cruelty free life and to the respect towards Gaia.Here you can find their One Thing We'll Share 7'' release and Walkin' On release.This band surely deserved much more attention,especially here in Europe,check them out you won't regret it!!

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