utorak, 31. siječnja 2012.

Brat Pack - Hate The Neighbours

This guys deserves more but currently i'm so sick that i just wanna die,fucking cold!!!High temperature,headache,filling like shit,you know the filling,and it can get even worse cause the place where i work has nothing,not a single thing that produces anything similar to heat,i hate everything,this shitty job got me this cold,aaaaaargggggghhhhh!!!Brat Pack is playing on my mp3 and also on my player the last two days,they are the only thing that keeps me in touch with reality,thankssssss guys!!!If you never heard of them,well,they are from Netherland and they play some good hardcore punk like the old RKL or Adolescents or even Bad Religion,just download it!!I'm going to bed,it's time to die a little again,stupid cold please go away!!!

nedjelja, 29. siječnja 2012.

Highscore / The Now Denial

This is a benefit for the criminalized people of the gothenburg protests against the european union,it features two bands from Germany.On one side you get The Now Denial,3 songs of crusty hardcore,very catchy and energetic,and on the other side you get Highscore,6 songs of fast oldschool hardcore punk.Great release,lots of info inside and ofc two killer bands!!

Code 13 - A Part Of America Died Today

Here is a copy paste of Felix Havoc talking about Code 13 :
Code 13's music is hard for me to describe because we mix several different styles. I'm not saying we're particularly original or groundbreaking, but our music was far from generic as well. Simply put, we didn't all listen to just one style of music so our playing wasn't rigidly influenced by one style either. We mixed sing-a-long 80's hardcore like early 7 Seconds and Youth Brigade with fast-core like Dropdead and a touch of early DRI, straight edge hardcore, Swedish HC/ Japanese Thrash, 80's anarcho-punk and some grind/power violence for a fast and powerful punk sound. Lyrically I'd have to say the individual versus society and issues of social control predominate.
The name Code 13 comes from the police radio code for "officer down" and as you can guess our lyrics were heavily anti-police and authority. For a while four out of five of our shows were broken up by the man, but hardcore survives on the underground and so did we. At the time I felt like the hardcore/punk scene was too complacent and needed some really radical thrashing punk to bring band the anger and energy. I went out of my way to write radical, aggressive lyrics to go with the music. We stirred up no small controversy, posing with automatic weapons and singing about shooting cops. One anarchist squat in Paris actually wouldn't let us play because we were "too militant" I knew we were doing something right then.

srijeda, 25. siječnja 2012.

Vitamin X - People That Bleed

People say that vx change their sound with every release,well,hmm,maybe they do but with every release when you hear that first riff you know that's them and you know that they gonna destroy!!! How to describe vx? hmm,high energy hardcore!!!

Vitamin X - Rip It Out

Thank god for Vitamin X,of all the shit i hear and see every day on the street and specially at work i really don't know where i would be without them.They are my every day cure against ALL the shit that surrounds me.If you never heard of them this ep is a really good start,7 songs in 7 minutes,80's hardcore punk,mahhhhh,stop wasting your time with reading this,just download and enjoy!!!

utorak, 24. siječnja 2012.

Damage Deposit - Straight To The Bottom

Well,not much to say here,fast oldschool hardcore punk from Minneapolis.Of all the bands that Felix Havoc was in this is my favorite,hardcore at its best!!!

ponedjeljak, 23. siječnja 2012.

Warsong - Ancient Times

This is a new band from Spain with members of Insomnio and No Escape.It's their first release,9 songs of melodic hardcore punk with a rock edge (as they say).I don't like to compare bands,so you better download and see for yourself,you definitely won't regret ;) This was released on a casette by Doomtown records http://livinginadoomtown.blogspot.com/,they did a great job by the way,check their page they have a bunch of  cool stuff on their distro. :)

subota, 21. siječnja 2012.

Lets Grow/Jaibo!

I bought this split lp not so while ago and i must say that it's fucking awesome,ofc if you're into oldschool hardcore punk. d;) Lets grow changed a bit on this release,but it's still great 80's hardcore punk,but my favorites here are Jaibo,they play similar to RKL on Rock 'n Roll Nightmare,crazy driven guitar solos,fast tempo,vocal is just crazy,music is full of energy,everything is in the right place,check and support!!!

Dick Cheney/The Tangled Lines

Dick Cheney plays early 80's influenced hardcore with fast tempos and thrashy sound.The Tangled Lines is a female fronted powerful blasting fast hardcore,having elements of old school hardcore,youth crew and positive hardcore with fast thrash beats and melodic parts.

četvrtak, 19. siječnja 2012.

I Shot Cyrus

This band is one of my favorites,when i first heard of them i was just amazed how they perfectly combine energy and violence at the same time,just fucking insane.Fast,raw and violent,don't expect any modern bullshit,just pure in your face trashy hardcore punk. I SHOT CYRUS!!!!!!

I Shot Cyrus - Assassinicus: http://www.mediafire.com/?1j19mfoae2ih9ds

I Shot Cyrus - Complete Discography 1997-2001: http://www.mediafire.com/?3veew0iixe7i9ni


utorak, 17. siječnja 2012.

Shortlived - s/t

Last few days were totally fucked for me 'cause i started working on a really shitty job and my mind is on the edge most of the time...I need money,milionsssssssssssss and i also need a gun,hm,or a machine gun,there are a lot of people around me that i hate and some of them don't deserve to live.So after this short info about what's going in my life,lets say something about this crazy fastcore band from New Zeland.I think that this says everything: " they kick out some fucking angry "Drop Dead" inspired fastcore " ,ohhhh yes they do!!I can't find any info if they still play,would love to see them again and also i would love to write more about them but i'm so tired,this new job is killing me...Check them out!!!!!!

srijeda, 11. siječnja 2012.

What They Fear

As i was cleaning my room (girlfriend is coming tomorrow,hah) i found this under some old magazines( not porn,hahahah) ,i totally forgot about this slovenian band.We were planing to go on tour with them but they broke up  month before the tour or less,as i remember their vocal went on some field trip or something with his school and never came back,or he came back but he was not interested in playing any more,hah,some weird shit happened to him on that trip... This was recorded in 2007,some of the songs were for a split with us,but that never happened.,too bad.They played oldschool hardcore punk.Short songs filled with criticism against the people of their hometown.This release contains 9 songs (10min),they are all on slovenian language,if you want to know more about the songs just let me know 'cause every song has its own explanation in english and it's not a problem to copy it ;)


ponedjeljak, 9. siječnja 2012.

Equal - Old School Or No School

This was the only release of this croatian band,too bad 'cause they played really good.Old school hardcore at its finest,lots of youth crew/stop and go parts,10 songs in 10 minutes and a cover of YOT song  -Can't close my eyes- ,can't get much better than this!! :)

petak, 6. siječnja 2012.

Final Approach - Lost Youth

This release came out in 2006,well,what to say about it?? 12 songs(16min) of positive hardcore punk,full of youth crew sing a long parts and lots of melodies.Production is really dirty and they sound like they are from 1988 and that's a big plus from me.They have a new release,hope they didn't change their style.Check them out!!!

četvrtak, 5. siječnja 2012.

F.P.O. -The Only Dead End Is Refusing To See A Way Out

F.P.O. or Forever Positively Obsessed,i could write a whole book about them,they were not just a band but a whole movement,involved in a bunch of other stuff around the scene,not just playing,but doing so many other things that inspired people to do something with their lives.This release contains 21 songs that were also released in a lot of others splits and compilations,every songs has his own explanation,a story as i see it,every day problems and situations that we all encounter.Here is a copy paste from their web page so you can get a better picture of them ;) :  FxPxOx is our honest rebellion against the human hypocrisy, the uncompromising materiality, competition and profit, organized religion, the abuse of animals and people, nazism, sexism, homophobia, elitism, drugs (legal and illegal), the police, the army… Our ideology is inspired from the anarchist idea and the D.I.Y movement and the music is mix of good old HC/punk bands from the 80’s, Scandinavian 80’s HC, british anarchopunk and american thrash… from the ‘80’s of course:))) From all of this comes out one really weird and fast combination of happiness, rebellion and incurable enthusiasm!!! Real adrenalin injection!!! Even the genetic sorrow, which sparks from the Macedonian ground can’t overshadow our life’s positivism! Straight… but straight to the point!!!

Lets Grow - Neverending Story

7 songs in 7 minutes?Yesss Please!!This was released in 2003,what a release,i know that i played it in my player for months,such i great band!Lets Grow was a hardcore punk band from Belgrade,Serbia that existed from 2001 to 2010,they had a bunch of releases in Europe and also in the States,from the start they played their version of hardcore punk which was influenced mostly with 80s hardcore punk from US.Check them out you won't regret!!!

srijeda, 4. siječnja 2012.

Low Punch - Act...Revolt...Live...

I don't remember which gig it was but i do remember that my brother told me to buy this cd,i never heard of them before,maybe because i was listening only melopunk/hardcore,bands from epitaph/fat,yeah a was a big melo punk back there,only love and melody,hahhahah!! I never even heard of this kind of style,i know that when i first played this cd i was like --wtf,this is insane,vocal is screaming,music is way to fast,what is going on here??!!-- but after few times that i've listen to it i wanted more and more,so i can say that this band was my ticket to fast/trashy hardcore punk.Hm,i'm blubering here to much i think,haha,so about this album,it was their second and final release,13 songs,fast,short but filled with a lot of  melody and youth crew back vocals,they've managed to be brutal and catchy at the same time,i don't know if any other band played like them.This cd was released by Choose Life Records in 2000.

Their demo was released in 1999.,it contained 11 songs which were more oldschool style,but still fast and catchy.
Oh,yeah,i almost forgot,this band was from Ajdovščina,Slovenija.

                Low Punch - Act...Revolt...Live... : http://www.mediafire.com/?u41jhsu105sk49h

                Low Punch - Demo: http://www.mediafire.com/?jt1qabh37dyrhnd