ponedjeljak, 16. ožujka 2015.

I like rambo movies!

Hey,what's up?? :D

  No posts and that shit,sorry about that,hardcore and all that punk stuff is still here but i'm more on the road and in my garage than on the net :)

 Stay punk,be stupid!

petak, 2. siječnja 2015.

At Half Mast - Discography

First post in this new year,hope i'll find the time to post more stuff than last year,but if i can be honest i didn't post much 'cause i was working most of time and doing all kinds of stuff,so maybe i can say that that's is really good since i and all of you spend too many time on the internet.In the last few years my interest in old road bikes became an obsession,hah,yeah,so most of my time i'm some where fixing them or doing something related to them,of course fast music is my good companion where ever i go :) Hope that this year i'll manage to gather some extra cash so i can travel or maybe even move away to some other country,big plans,big things,it's good to have this kind of stuff messing with my head,it keeps me going over all kinds of shit that it's around my every day,every second. For today i'm posting discography of this melodic hardcore band,everything is here,a lot of people probably heard of this guys but never listen to them or something,hah,as for me i skipped them and a lot more of this kind of bands since they were active in period from 2007 - 2010,in 2007 i had few friends that downloaded tons of music every day and so many bands that were cool back than i skipped,so i'm discovering them now,and i'm glad since everybody today are in this modern metal stuff that is so boring,but how things are in few years nobody is going to play anything since everybody is at home,facebook is the only thing for too many people.I'm writing here more about other stuff than this band,bad since i was never a good review person this is better,not much i can write here,melodic hardcore from South Carolina,USA. They were a lot better of bands that were popular in that time period but give it a listen and judge it for yourself,check out those two long songs on their splits,they are amaizing.