subota, 24. kolovoza 2013.


This year i went to SAWA fest again,it was great,i lost a bunch of stuff and missed most of the bands that played,classic story :D The last memory from saturday ( i think) were this crazy ass french guys that destroyed,fast hardcore with screaming vocals,they mix a lot of things but don't saund boring,a lot of  Trash Talk influences.Here you can find their Demo,split with Kill For Peace,Dogz EP.GO!

utorak, 20. kolovoza 2013.

Dead Nation - Passing Phase

Don't know how Gajovsky found out that i have this but,okay,here it is,hope you have it so i don't need to send any scans :D So what do we have here,20 songs in 20 minutes,fast 80's hardcore punk,this release includes their Face The Nation 7'' / The Cenk E.P. 7'' and a few compilation tracks.New Jersey reprizent,go and get this asap,you probably heard of bands like Tear It Up and Splitting Headache,did ya?? Leave me alone now,gotta go clean my bleeding knees.

No pain,no gain.

Woke up early,friend said: lets go fo a drive. i saw a white light.end of story.

petak, 9. kolovoza 2013.

Fighting Chance - Demo (2000)

If someone knows anything about this band please post it in comments or something,great demo,only 5 songs of melodic hardcore (Battery/Better Than A Thousand style),lastfm is scrobling this and saying it's a street punk band,hah,i don't think so!

srijeda, 7. kolovoza 2013.

Cardiac Arrest - Life's A Dead End

Finally some rest,after a really long day,i've done everything more or less but i know tomorrow a bunch of stuff avaits me again from early morning,can't wait for beloved sun to help me out :( I've woke up today,my mind was still in a deep coma but this guys started really hard,negative primitive hardcore punk,yeah,a big straight line and a gun at the end,oh,yes,keep it comming.

utorak, 6. kolovoza 2013.

Reaching Hand - Demo / Threshold EP

So here it is,both releases from this female fronted hardcore band,coming from Portugal,hah,you know what to expect here,a bunch of sing a longs,melodies,cool breakdowns,modern or not,this band is great and it's a big shame they didn't last long,go get it!!

ponedjeljak, 5. kolovoza 2013.

F.U.G. - Sumus Animalia

This release is from 2008 and i really don't know why i didn't post this untill now :/ Great 80's hardcore punk filled with humor and hate,Italy reprizent,what a combo,works with me!

My Own Lies - Betercore! - No More Imperialist War EP

Well it was about time to post something,drinking milk and hiding from the sun,it's to fucking hot!!Betercore released their youthcrust discography but you don't have this songs,trust me,they are still my favorite band and this split was played a lot.On the other side are My Own Lies,fast trashcore fuckers from Germany,get this and turn it loud!!!