ponedjeljak, 29. travnja 2013.

Tragic Film - Demo

Of all the spam that i usually get and all that money jackpots (yeah,right) there are always one or two that are not fake,hah,don't know why was this mail in spam but i'm glad i didn't delete it.Fast and trashy hardcore violence all the way from Japan,five songs in 3 minutes,shit,i want more!!! Thanks to Takehiro for sending this!

četvrtak, 25. travnja 2013.

Shortcut - Demo (2010)

Hungarian all star band,members from Hold x True,Lepeselony,Lunatics, playing good old youth crew hardcore!!Only 5 songs if you include a cover from Rancor,probably the only release from this guys,if not,upload and send it,thanks!!

srijeda, 24. travnja 2013.

Final Fight - Discography

Got a lot of mails filled with wishes,i'm not santa but,okay,hahah,as a big Final Fight fan i'll grant few of them :D Fast melodic hardcore,as i said before,probably the last wave of this kind of bands before all that metal crap started (sadly :/ ),here you can find the following releases:

Under Attack
Half Head,Full Shred
split with Life Long Tragedy
Demo EP (2004)
Demo (2003)

*** Los Angeles' Final Fight embody the uplifting passion that defines the new wave of west coast hardcore. Positive, passionate, and above all else, fun. With their unique melodic sensibility, and lyrical content ranging from the political to the personal, Final Fight speak volumes in song. They are an emotional, intelligent, and altogether inspiring band that is destined to makes waves in the years to come. ***

ponedjeljak, 22. travnja 2013.

La Prospettiva - Inquieti Tempi

Played with them last night,crazy show,fast music,a lot of cool beards,hahahha,even thou there was like 20 people or less and one hoooot pierced blonde girl working at the bar!fast italians + hot chick at the bar - few punks = A PERFECT SUNDAY NIGHT!!As a big fan of Ingegno and Attrito,this Italians didn't disappoint,their second album,much faster and also shorter kicks some serious ass (or something else in that area),9 songs in 9 minutes,GO!!

Scheisse Minnelli - The Fight Against Reality

Third album from Minnelli crew,sick ass skate punk/hardcore/crossover/i don't know what(everything good),this guys know how to play and have fun.Band consist of 4 members,two are from Germany and the other two are from the States,California ( i think),i've read somewhere that the cd release of this album has a big booklet with the whole story of how this two americans ended up in Germany,hahaah,would love to check that.Thanks to Ara for sending me this LP,i know you have more,don't be shy,you know where i live ;)

subota, 20. travnja 2013.

Barbaric Thrash Demolition Vol. 2

I really don't remember if i ever heard any bad release from 625,the same thing is with Havoc,and when i see any of this logos on distros,okay,i know i have to spend all of my money not thinking what i'm gonna eat tomorrow!This is not so new,released in 2001,6 songs,5 bands (Discarga,Esperanza,Jellyroll Rockheads,Limp Wrist and Life's Halt),short and fast,works for me!

petak, 19. travnja 2013.

Vocatio Interna - Kitt

Some crazy ass power violence grind kaos,i don't know what the fuck is going on with lyrical side of this release 'cause everything is on slovakian language (or chech,hm) but it goes well on this slow friday night,get it!!

***VOCATIO INTERNA: three lumberjacks, mushrooms collectors and cannibals meet one crazy guy with hyperactive diagnose - Skulda (SHEEVA YOGA, PRÜGELKNABE and thousand another bands) record and dispart their materials to splits. KITT is young band from Zilina, Slovakia, who kicked the old generations.***

Boiling Point - Skrotes

Gajo gave me this split to check it out (and ripp),i know i've seen this before on some web sites or distros but never payed attention,hah,you know how it is,to much music...On the cover there are skeletons skating,messy surroundings,black and white,okay,that's it,i instantly knew what to expect even thou i never heard of this bands (Skrotes are from Portugal and Boiling Point are from Slovakia),fast and trasy hardcore punk + skate + hate,they've got me,cool!I'm gonna buy this from Gajo.

četvrtak, 4. travnja 2013.

Mundo Muerto - Discography

I don't like building,you know,bricks-cement and all that shit,especially when is not for me,but,okay,if that means 3 days of peace from my beloved mother than il bite my tongue and do it.Even though my mp3 player is ful with some macho in your face gym guys,this califonia punks were on repeat all day long,Don't really know why i didn't listen to them more in the past,great trashy punk,spanish vocals,hey,catchy as hell,worth checking them.

srijeda, 3. travnja 2013.

Nightstick Justice ‎– Nightstick Justice

April 1st i over,my birthday is over,last few paychecks are somewhere lost in the mail i guess,spring started few days back but it's still snowing here,holy crap,what's going on,depression level 90000 for me,empty pockets vs empty head VS life in general.,shit.Sorry for the delay with posting and stuff,i should have posted Nightstick last month but,hm,been busy with killing.If you are in similar situation as i than get this release asap,9 songs of pissed raw hardcore,BITE THE BULLET!