utorak, 29. listopada 2013.

Carry On - A Life Less Plagued

Just came back from shopping some fancy stuff in new yorker (it's a store for all trendy people,ahahah),a friend of mine likes this kind of stuff so i went as a moral support,didn't find any cool punk shirts,but there was a big white shirt with a naked lady (strange shiaaatt),too bad i didn't bought it :/ Hm,as for Carry On goes,released on Bridge 9 Records,12 songs of fast youth crew hardcore,you can call it modern but to bad modern nowdays means something completely different,nothing to do with hardcore/punk,this release is a must in your playlist!

ponedjeljak, 28. listopada 2013.

Stay Gold - Pills And Advice

It didn't take much time to like this release,when i heard the opening track ( Best Kept Secret) i knew this is it.I've heard a lot of comparison with Good Riddance and Bane,well,i don't know,maybe,they do combine a lot of melodies with some breakdowns tipical to "newer" bands,but,shit,i know i've heard some parts that sounds like As Friends Rust (especially the singing),hah,maybe even Champion.On their lastfm paige is stated thet the core of their music is Hot Water Music/88 Fingers Louie/Turning Point,even Split Lip,well,if you know any of this bands you know what to expect.I grew up on melodic punk/hardcore so this one is rated very high on my list,check it out!

četvrtak, 24. listopada 2013.

Damage Control - Can't Keep Us Down

What to say about this band/release,members played in Sportswear,Eyeball,Hands Tied,Kids Like Us and so on,when you have this kind of people in one band then,shit,it has to be fucking great (and,yes,it is).Straight edge hardcore from Oslo,Norway,get it!!

srijeda, 23. listopada 2013.

Mainstrike - Times Still Here

Another great band from Netherland,and another great debut release (seriously,they had the best bands from there,too bad i was born in a wrong country).This came out in 1995 thru Crucial Response Records ( i was in second grade then,hah),8 songs of posi straight edge hardcore,macho bullshit free,bands from nowdays should check some of the bands from the 90's to see what the fuck hardcore is.

Reaching Forward - Pride Is Everlasting

Released in 1998 thru Commitment Records,this Netherland youth crew machine entered the hardcore scene with style.Debut release and my favorite,don't get me wrong,their entire discography is great but this one has that something that stands out in front of others,my life - my style!!

utorak, 15. listopada 2013.

Misconduct - ...Another Time

Well,this guys play melodic punk rock now days,that's too fucking bad,but what else can you expect when you change your entire line up,okay,vocal stayed but what the hell is going on in his head...why they didn't broke up and start a new band :?( This was released in 1997,after their master piece A Change (look it up,it's been posted earlier ;) ) ,16 songs of fast old school hardcore,tupa tupa all the time,bass pedal is in front of everything (i like this kind of prodcutions),check it out,Sweden hardcore!!

The Damage Done - 7'' (Young 'Till We Die Records)

* The Damage Done Briefly Existed as a side project in 1992 turned into a real band in 1994 and broke up in 1998. EP, two tapes and a couple of compilation tracks were recorded and released. Live shows were played all the time in the south-west of Germany as well as a series of one-offs in Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, and Italy. * Six songs of  fast posi oldschool hardcore,get it!!

petak, 11. listopada 2013.

DC Hardcore Demos

Bought this record years back when we were on tour and played in Leipzig,(if you ever find yourself there don't miss a record store the name i forgot but it's in the Zorro squat i think) it was the first time i've heard of Void and Faith,don't need to mention that this two bands were on constant repeat after that.So what do we have here,48 songs of early dc hardcore punk: Artifical Peace (May 1981 Demo), Faith (First demo 1981), Void (Hit & Run Demo 1981), Double O (#3 1982).This was released by Spanish Spic and Span,it's a unofficial release,the liner notes got a story of each band and an interview with Double O from Straight Edge zine #2 (1982). Check it out,as for me,i'll check my temperature 'cause i'm feeling sick and i have to go to work tomorrow early in the morning,shit.

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nedjelja, 6. listopada 2013.

Driftnet discography

So here it is,the whole discography of this great German band.If you ever heard of bands like Atari,Hold X True,Just Say Go,(someone compared them with In My Eyes but more melodic) and so on,then this is going to be on repeat for a long time.Here you can find the following releases: What we seek  LP (2000), Friendship 7'' EP (1998),  For those about to singalong 7'' EP (2000), A sample of no commercial value LP (2003).There are bunch of bands that didn't get much attentition and Driftnet is surely one of them,fast/melodic/posi/straight edge/youth crew,sounds like a classic description,well,sure,but give them a chance you won't regret it!!

petak, 4. listopada 2013.

Betercore - Master Of Kaos session

Not much info about this seesion or if it was ever released,it's from 2003 and it destroyes (what else :D ).If you are a fan of this band than this is a must,yeah,they released their youthcrust discography but this is something you definitely don't have,get it!

utorak, 1. listopada 2013.

Possessed To Skate Vol. 1

A great fucking compilation,39 songs in just over 34 minutes,hardcore/thrash/powerviolence/grindcore,shit,this sounds great,but wait when you hear the bands included here: Charles Bronson,Spazz,Assholeparade,Despise You,Palatka,Pretentious Assholes,Unanswered!! When i saw that 625 was one of the releasers,well,you can't go wrong with 625!!