petak, 30. ožujka 2012.

Section 8 - Throw A Spanner Into The Works

Don't worry,this is my last post about them,hahhah,well,for now!!Won't write much,check my other posts about Section 8. FIGHTSTARTERRRRRR!!!

Declaration - Declaration

Some great tunes from this guys,hardcore punk with lots of sing a long parts,melodies,really energetic.I read somewhere that they play modern hardcore,well,today if someone says that you can expect a lot of metal and 0% of hardcore,sad but true,but not from this guys thank god!!9 killer songs,hope they release some new stuff soon!!

četvrtak, 29. ožujka 2012.

Outlast / Section 8

Section 8 on this split sounds really raw,but the energy is all over the place,3 songs of oldschool hardcore,check my earlier posts about them.Outlast,another great band from sweden,on this split they are represented with 2 songs,they play similar to Section 8,i'll post more from them soon!!

Section 8 - Make Ends Meet

As i said yesterday,here are more of this swedish band,12 tracks of raging oldschool hardcore.I really don't know how this band is so unknown still today,they were great,definitely one of my favorite from europe.

srijeda, 28. ožujka 2012.

Section 8 - s/t

It's been a long day for me,but never the less,before i go to sleep and die of  the pain that i'm experiencing in my back,here is a post of one the best band from sweden that you probably never heard of.Few days back a friend of mine came to me and said if i can rip this 'cause on the net he can't find anything from them,hah,well,i search also and that's true,this band is really hard to find,so here you are.I'll put more of them tomorrow 'cause the world needs to hear this band!!Great oldschool hardcore with a lot of sing a longs and also a lot of melodic parts combine with great screaming vocals.Go and get this and see what A BAND you have been missing all this time!!!

utorak, 27. ožujka 2012.

Get Outta Town Records - State Of The Scene

This is an international compilation,mostly youth crew bands from all over the world,i must admit that there are quite a few bands that i haven't heard before,some really good bands.Too bad that this kind of compilations are really rare nowadays,so check this out,36 songs,36 bands,here is the track list so you can get a better picture of what is all about:

1. Remain - FTF
2. On The Outside - Chip On My Shoulder
3. Just Say Go - Glory Days
4. Years From Now - Richie Cunningham
5. Haunted Life - Walking Dead
6. Another Year - Everyday
7. The Geeks - See It Through (previously unreleased version)
8. Shipwreck - Footsteps
9. Make Or Break - Friends Like You
10. The First Step - Something Inside
11. Through And Through - Your Loss
12. No Roses - Snapshots
13. Slumlords - City That Bleeds
14. Pointing Finger - Said And Done
15. Our Discontent - Allegory And Deceit
16. Wake Up Call - It Aint Worth It
17. Mouthguard - Drinking To Forget
18. Ambitions - Uphill Battle
19. Van Damage - Worthless
20. Bullet Treatment - Pathetic
21. Things We Say - Things We Say
22. Cutback - Everything Sucks But The Shred
23. Expired Youth - Breaking Free (previously unreleased)
24. Provoke - Street Justice
25. Risky Business - No Excuse (previously unreleased)
26. Black Spot - City View
27. In My Way - Time Goes On
28. Dance Floor Justice - Exploiting The Masses
29. Learn - The Past Is The Past
30. No Fucking Way - Who Cares
31. Fumbles In Life - Communication Wins
32. Crossing Point - Move!
33. Bail Out! - Proximity Mines
34. Weapons And Tactics - Times Like These
35. A Step Apart - As Close As It Gets
36. Youth Attack - Positive Youth (previously unreleased)

nedjelja, 25. ožujka 2012.

Haymaker - It Only Gets Worse

25 songs in 22 minutes,you can't go wrong with this band,fast hardcore punk,oh sorry,fast NEGATIVE hardcore punk!!! ***Just pure ugly and hateful hardcore***

Panaceja - Kad Aveti Prošlosti Razaraju Mozak, Strah i Bijes Postaju Opsesija

First release of this guys,powerviolence at its best!!! ( check other releases  , )

Panaceja - Mrtav Život

Too bad that this band broke up,they played some nasty fastcore violence!!From Rijeka,Croatia,this guys were probably one of the fastest band around here,short songs dealing with all kinds of tematics from everyday life.

Panaceja / Ghaddar

Panaceja,fastcore/powerviolence,one of the best bands that ever came from Croatia.Ghaddar,from Pennsylvania,US,fastcore powerviolence.Great split,if you never heard of this bands before than check this split,it's a good start!! 

četvrtak, 22. ožujka 2012.

The Now-Denial - Obey,Adapt,Shut Up And Die

Two tnd posts??well,yes,i'm feeling down and i know that i have to go to work tomorrow,5 am,cold,stupid people and all that shit...The only thing that keeps me going is tnd,for last few months they saved me too many  times,this is a compilation of tracks from splits and some demo songs and ofc my favorite song of them (i don't care about friendly cops),so go get it!!! ***i need some sleep***

The Now-Denial - Viva Viva Threatening

Well,this is a classic,but also very hard to find on the net,so better download this ,probably one of the most underrated bands,crusty hardcore punk,this release is pure gold!!

nedjelja, 18. ožujka 2012.

Net Weight - El Peso Neto De La Vida

I never heard this guys before and i really don't know how is that possible?!! They are killing with every song here,fast oldschool hardcore with some cool melodies,21 song in 22 minutes,what a release!!!Spain hardcore!!I got this from here,check this blog out,they have a looooottt of good stuff!!! d:)

Choice Of My Own - Discography

So yesterday was some punk concert in my hometown so i decided to go out,have some fun,drink a few colas (ahahah,i'm on a alcohol break for the last 3 and a half months) and so on,hah,it was okay untill one of my friends came,he was okay in the beginning but after a few beers he wanted to fight with me with no good reason,FUCK THIS SHIT!!!I know this guy for years and what the fuck happened to him last night i really don't know but i know that i went home cause if i stayed he would probably get some serious beatings.So everything is going straight to hell with this town,new kids are all musically in this modern trendy stuff,but okay they have time to choose the right path,but what really gets on my nerves are all those people that were okay few years back and now they are all assholes,they accepted all those things they were against back then.That is so sad,probably in the future my relation or communication with them would be just a "HELLO" on the street and that's it.FUCK THIS SHIT!!!

So,Choice Of My Own,macedonian fastcore craziness,30 songs,most of them are under a minute,this guys were fucking good and they knew how to play and wreck!!!You probably never heard of them,go get this and start destroying your room!!!

subota, 17. ožujka 2012.

Senata Fox / Unison

Senata Fox (Croatia), fast crusty hardcore punk,5 songs plus a cover song of another great croatian band called Razlog Za.Unison (Serbija),this band changed their sound on every release but always staying interesting and fresh.On this split they are represented with 5 songs of great oldschool hardcore punk.This was released in 2003.

Everyday Madness - Preaching To The Converted

This was the only release of this swedish band,great crusty hardcore punk with male/female vocals.

Memories Of Tomorrow - Hardcore Compilation

Sick compilation!!No Justice, Lifes Halt, H-Street, No Reply, Best of Times, Holding On, Dirty Dirt & The Dirts, Carry On, What Happens Next?, Gazpacho, Handplant, Vitamin X, Varsity, The Gate Crashers, Committed and Rancor.You can't go wrong with this!!!

četvrtak, 15. ožujka 2012.

Vaseline Children - Vaseline Children

This was released in 2006,can't believe it has been 6 years from this,good times i must say.Too bad they broke up,but never the less they left behind some great stuff and this 7'' release is one of them.Fast trashy oldschool hardcore punk,Boston style.Do a reunion or do another band like this (gajo and crew) please!!!!

Vitamin X

Another VX post,hah,i can't help myself  'cause they are fucking great!!!Here you can find "Down The Drain" LP,"People That Bleed" EP,"We Came Here For Fun" US Tour EP and one song that was released on V/A "Memories From Tomorrow" LP.

srijeda, 14. ožujka 2012.

Vitamin X - Bad Trip

I still remember when i bought this cassette i rush home to play it,'till then i only read about vx in zines and so,my expectations were high,after first song i knew that this cassette is not going to leave my player for a loooonggg time!!21 songs full of energy and in your face lyrics catchy as hell.Short/loud/fast/crazy!!!

Down In Flames - Three Seven Inches On One Cd

It can't  get beter than this,18 songs in 12 minutes,fast oldschool hardcore punk.If you like Cut The Shit,The Rites,Tear It Up and so on than this is definitely for you,every song kills!!!

utorak, 13. ožujka 2012.

Violent Headache / Holocaust In Your Head

Split release from this two killer bands from Spain,mixing crust/grind/hardcore,don't expect any mercy here!! 

Man Made Filth

Last few weeks i've been posting a lot of bands from Netherlands,well,hmmm,i can't help myself 'cause they are full of good bands and Man Made Filth are also one of them.We played with them a few years back,really cool guys,and when we were on tour their bass player (Brad :) ) did a show for us (Brad,if you ever see this hope you still have that Vaseline Children patch that i gave you,to be exact,i tear it from my pants!!!).MMF play some fast crusty hardcore punk,and man,do they destroy live!!

***MAN MADE FILTH - Four years ago four guys wanted to do a kind of heavier sounding band than our previous/current bands. We entered a practice space and tried something out, which apparently worked! We made a CD-R recording which was released by Wasted Youth Power as a split with Anargeeks, another Dutch hardcoreband. Some time later, Reinco was added as a 2nd vocalist, since his previous band Betercore quitted and he needed a way to release his anger. Voila, two screaming guys, one straight-edge and the other completely stoned, an American bassplayer with a heart of gold and pockets full of weed, a guitarplayer with dreadlocks covering his ass and a drummer who's metalmania will even shock the heaviest metals! But, we're not assholes or anything, just a bit out of our mind. But hey, what can you do about it except take advantage of this bunch of freaks and start a band with each other? Our lyrics are all politics, since everything is politics, like Gudrun Enslin once said. We totally agree with her! Nowadays too many people are so-called "non-politics" and by being that they just accept all the bullshit that happens around them. Take for example racism, it just exists, and if you take a stand against it people tell you to move on, it exists, and that's that. NO FUCKING WAY!!! Yes, we're maybe a bit naive by thinking our music can actually change the world, but that's always better than doing nothing and keeping your mouth shut about all the bullshit going around in our so-called civilized world. As long as there are people fighting against injustice there is hope that one day this world will be cleansed of all the hatred and injustice! Anyways, if you turn your speakers on you can hear some of our music. You also have an option to download it so go right ahead, music should be free for everybody! So down it and burn it!***