petak, 28. veljače 2014.

It would be better if i stayed in bed.

Yeah,i'm here,had some kind of a strange flu but now is okay,we're playing tomorrow so i hope i'll do well thru our standard 10min show :D This friday was going well untill my girlfriend didn't come home with one nice bike that needed a lot of work,well,everything was going fine but problem appeared when i remowed dust caps from both cranks :/// thanks to some wiseass that ruined both threads,whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sgsdgdfgffhfhgfhghgfhgfhf565756768gA=)=AS(A8s8

But,okay,i'm used to fixing stuff with a lot of diy methods,but this one was a challenge,yeah,i know that there are tools for fixing this but i'm broke right now (hm,not really but i'm saving to pay some permits to go out of this shitty country) so this was the only way for me,they say that picture is worth a thousand words so than look closely,hahahah,have a nice weekend fuckerrrrssssss :))))

petak, 21. veljače 2014.

Guilt Trip - Discography

To be honest i never heard of this band untill some lowlifer didn't sent me a request if i can post their discography. After some time of searching and bugging people i've got it,well,this guys were (probably still are) from New Jersey and some of the members played in Tear It Up,so,if you even live far faarrrr away from this planet you know what to expect here,if not,well,i'm sorry for you man.

srijeda, 19. veljače 2014.

Sticky Wednesday

No hardcore today,only coffee and chill out :) Finally i got a bunch of cool stickers all the way from South Africa,thanks a lot to Nic for taking the time to send it to my shity place.This shit is old,smells old and looks old,so i can say it's perfect. Maybe i'll post some bike rides that we took last year or just bicycles that i own just to annoy some people,see ya!!

utorak, 11. veljače 2014.

Vitamin X - Straight Edge Crew

Got a request to post this VX release,great stuff,didn't know people nowdays dig their old stuff. This one came out in 1998 thru Commitment,not my favorite one but since i've listened to Bad Trip one to many times,this goes well with this slow tuesday.

nedjelja, 9. veljače 2014.

DEA - Good Guys

Didn't know that there were be so much interest i this band,so here you go,Good Guys EP that also included DEAs demo release. Cool stuff,i'm a sucker for trashy and raw productions so their demo is my favorite,check it out,and still' i can't write much about them cause they were are also (like many) not so known or not so much on the net.

subota, 8. veljače 2014.

Odyssey - Discography

Couldn't find much about this band anywhere,there are too many bands with the same name,from pop to funk and milion more styles,too fucking bad. I couldn't find any covers from the releases except for Fighters,i do not believe that they were so opskure or unkown. As for music goes,fast straight edge hardcore with melodies and sing a longs,they remind me a lot to swedens Section 8. Here you can find the following releases:  -Eleven Reasons To Live,Eleven Reasons To Die, - Fighters, - Generic Lines To A Scene Drowning In Boredom.

CxIxBx - 7''

On their bandcamp page says that they are from Sassari,Italy and that they are playing casino trashcore,hahah,well,that's true :) I'm a sucker for this kind of hardcore so this is going to get 5 star rating,14 songs in 10 minutes,can't get better than this!!! A BIG hello to Claudio and the rest of CxIxBx crew!!!

Sick Crap - Take No Shit

Every day another metal something band is born in croatia,nothing new nothing good (yes,NOTHING),so thank god or whoever is up there (or down,heheh) for sending this band,more pleaseee. Sick Crap plays trashy hardcore punk with a loooottt of  early RKL influences,skate,destroy,have fun,drink, that's their moto,GET IT!!!

četvrtak, 6. veljače 2014.

DEA - st

I know i've found this a while ago and forget to post,hah,this was released thru Get Outta Town records in 2008,Florida represent,fast hardcore,on repeat and GO!

utorak, 4. veljače 2014.

Growing Stronger (A Positive Hardcore Compilation)

Yeah,i'm in some kind of compilation mode for the last two days,but fuck it,people need to hear it cause they are all great and a great introduction to some bands that maybe someone never heard before :) That was the point of compilation when i grew up,to hear a bunch of bands and if any band got stuck in my head i went to search more of them,simple :) This one came out in 1997 and futured 6 songs in just under 11 minutes,bands are: Ensign, Rain On The Parade, Pushed Too Far, Atari,  Floorpunch,  97a. Killer!

Four In One - The Umea Hardcore Early E.P.'s

This one is hard to find so you better check it out if you're into 90s hardcore,don't expect here any fast trashcore or so,if you grew in the 90s you'll get the picture. This compilations contains 4 EP's, Shield - Build Me Up... , Purusam - Outbound , Separation - 5th Song , Saidiwas - st. Umea!

ponedjeljak, 3. veljače 2014.

X Marks The Spot Compilation

Another great compilation that i had on some old cassette buried deep in my fathers garage.For a long time i didn't had the name of this release,just track list so i thought it was some home made random compilation.This was originally relased in '87 but re-released in '92 thru Striving For Togetherness Records from Germany.Classic posi youth crew if you ask me,bands are:  Pressure Release, Wide Awake, Up Front,7 songs 12min ;)

nedjelja, 2. veljače 2014.

Phoenix Thrash Detonation

Another 625 Thrashcore release post,7 minutes of fastcore/grind hell,bands represented here are: Get Destroyed!, George Moshinghton, Landmine Marathon, Snaglletooth, Think Fast, Call The Cops, Virgins.

subota, 1. veljače 2014.

Haymaker - Love The Music,Hate The Kids!!!

One of too many requests,but,hell,this is a good pick.Not so many infos on the net about this guys,but if this is you first hearing,then prepare yourself  for some pissed of hardcore punk,if i can pick one band that totally describes what the fuck is going on  in my mind when i get out of my room than it's Haymaker,negative hardcore with nothing nice to say about this world and most people in it.Released in 2000 thru Deranged Records.

Machine Gun Romantics - Everything So Far

Lets start this (i know in advance) boring february with some crazy ass fastore hell,35 songs,released thru 625 Trashcore in 2005. They lasted short but,hey,life is short so fuck it.Texas hardcore!