petak, 28. veljače 2014.

It would be better if i stayed in bed.

Yeah,i'm here,had some kind of a strange flu but now is okay,we're playing tomorrow so i hope i'll do well thru our standard 10min show :D This friday was going well untill my girlfriend didn't come home with one nice bike that needed a lot of work,well,everything was going fine but problem appeared when i remowed dust caps from both cranks :/// thanks to some wiseass that ruined both threads,whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sgsdgdfgffhfhgfhghgfhgfhf565756768gA=)=AS(A8s8

But,okay,i'm used to fixing stuff with a lot of diy methods,but this one was a challenge,yeah,i know that there are tools for fixing this but i'm broke right now (hm,not really but i'm saving to pay some permits to go out of this shitty country) so this was the only way for me,they say that picture is worth a thousand words so than look closely,hahahah,have a nice weekend fuckerrrrssssss :))))

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