petak, 25. svibnja 2012.

Seein' Red / Mihoen

MIHOEN! stands for uncompromised, ultra-fast. hardcore-crust-punk.Seein' Red,spreading their version of hardcore punk thrash for the last 20 years.What are you waiting for?

Final Conflict - Ashes To Ashes

Friday night chill with this guys,don't feel like going out,gotta work tomorrow.FC are from California and this release is just too fucking good,political hardcore punk with a little bit of crossover/thrash.

četvrtak, 24. svibnja 2012.

Milkman - Is This Punk Enough For You ?

*** Milkman comes from the Netherlands to crush with a vengeance, steamrollin' over all personal frustrations possible. From criticism of the past, the middle east and even good old Martha Splatterhead. Incredibly fast and hard hardcore, executed with precision, that should put many of the so called trash bands to shame. Mix the Neighbors with Out Cold and old DRI. ***

Intensity - Bought & Sold

Too many things lately in my life,too bad that day doesn't last longer,maybe 30 hours,hmmm...problems at home,problems at work,a lot of questions in my head and ZERO answers,don't really know how do i manage to live every day with all this shit surrounding me...would love to go back and do some things the other way and maybe think more but i can say it's too late now and it's better to live now and not in the past 'cause the only thing that goes through my head then is a big question mark.This sounds really fucked but this is only a small portion of what's going on with me lately...i'm cool,i'm great but this only last for a short period,most of the time i'm in some weird hole full of hopelessness or something like that,maybe it's the weather,maybe it's this shitty town/country,don't really know,maybe it's my friends,ahhh...or just me?

Intensity,oldschool hardcore punk from Sweden,this album is a classic,features Rodrigo (satanic surfers) on vocals,great stuff!!

utorak, 15. svibnja 2012.

Direct Control

I'm really glad that i found this one,debut ep,6 killer songs of early 80's influenced hardcore,hah,classic!!!

Quattro Stagioni - Discography

Complete discography of this amazing band from Germany that existed from 1998-2008.Here you can find 58 tracks of pure violence that will blow you're mind off!!!

ponedjeljak, 14. svibnja 2012.

Final Approach - Discover Hate

Finally,new album is out,12 killer songs,positive youth crew from Krško (Slovenia)!!Check my older posts if you want more from them.

NIS -Specie Di Scarto --- Humus - Senza Coscienza

Bought this split a few days back,both bands are from Italy.NIS plays d beat/crustcore and Humus are more into some fastcore violence.I must admit that Humus side of this split is on repeat for me,well maybe that's because i'm more into fast music, but never the less,great split,check it!!

AxSxHx - Dead Area Fastcore

Another Dutch band on my blog,great fastcore/powerviolence!!

srijeda, 2. svibnja 2012.

Truth In My Hands - A Place Full Of Good Intentions

***100% youth-crew,positive attitude in live action,lyrics and of course music. Truth In My Hands is sparkling through 9 fast rocking old school songs in more than 18 min. You'll find fast parts, sing-a-longs, mosh and stop and go as well.GO!!!***

Direct Control - Euro Tour Cd (2011)

Got this for my birthday,cool stuff,20 songs,recorded live at Strange Matter,2 are brand new and recorded in studio.Only 200 copies of this cd,finnaly,i have something that is limited,hahhhh :D I think that most of you heard of this band,if not,well than you are probably from mars,fast and aggressive 80s hardcore punk!!