četvrtak, 24. svibnja 2012.

Intensity - Bought & Sold

Too many things lately in my life,too bad that day doesn't last longer,maybe 30 hours,hmmm...problems at home,problems at work,a lot of questions in my head and ZERO answers,don't really know how do i manage to live every day with all this shit surrounding me...would love to go back and do some things the other way and maybe think more but i can say it's too late now and it's better to live now and not in the past 'cause the only thing that goes through my head then is a big question mark.This sounds really fucked but this is only a small portion of what's going on with me lately...i'm cool,i'm great but this only last for a short period,most of the time i'm in some weird hole full of hopelessness or something like that,maybe it's the weather,maybe it's this shitty town/country,don't really know,maybe it's my friends,ahhh...or just me?

Intensity,oldschool hardcore punk from Sweden,this album is a classic,features Rodrigo (satanic surfers) on vocals,great stuff!!

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  1. Your life seems like a good soundtrack to any Tear It Up record, if I may say so. Tough shit.