petak, 31. siječnja 2014.

Sinking Ships - Demo

This one was on my player for the last few days,besides some nasty trashcore bands that i'll post later,first release from this great band.Even thou most of the people knows only their diconnecting album,i must admit that the other releases are also cool,maybe even better.I say better cause i've listened to disconnecting to many times so it's okay to see their other stuff.. This came out in 2004 or 2005,don't know exactly,melodic hardcore!!

subota, 25. siječnja 2014.

Stay Gold - Stay Gold

This came out in 2001.,where the hell was i back then,ahhhh,5 songs of great melodic hardcore.This is from their cd release and has one song more than 7''.One of many bands that got much more attention when they stop playing,too bad.

Chain Of Strength - What Holds Us Apart 7''

Been experiencing some nasty pain near my kidney for the last two days,i know health is the only thing i care about more than everything else but going to hopsital here in croatia is something you don't wanna experience,and,yes,you need a lot of money if you want to get a proper care or any care,fuck,so,saturday night,resting and listening to this guys,not bad.I've posted their discography,yes,but this is from their 7'' release and it's probably ripped from a vinyl (thanks to the person that did that),songs sounds more powerfull and dirty,check it out!

petak, 24. siječnja 2014.

Low Punch - 11 songs

Holidays are over,thank god,for someone else they were over weeks ago,but for my family it was over just recently cause i celebrate two christmas,hahahhaha,for me the only good thing is that i eat good two times,not just one,now it's time for a diet i guess.No post here,sorry boys and girls,i'm invloved in a bunch of stuff that are probably gonna make my life better (or worse,hm) so i'm too beat up to write anything here.A lot of good releases came in mail and also that i found in my library,so here's one of them.I love this band a loooottt,thay had only two releases that i posted some time ago ******,get it before you get this or whatever,this was taken from a slovenian compilation The City Of..,i think it's that name,i don't have it complete but thank god i have all the songs from Low Punch.Some of the songs appear on their demo release but there are few that i never heard before,check it out if you like fast trashy hardcore punk!!