petak, 24. siječnja 2014.

Low Punch - 11 songs

Holidays are over,thank god,for someone else they were over weeks ago,but for my family it was over just recently cause i celebrate two christmas,hahahhaha,for me the only good thing is that i eat good two times,not just one,now it's time for a diet i guess.No post here,sorry boys and girls,i'm invloved in a bunch of stuff that are probably gonna make my life better (or worse,hm) so i'm too beat up to write anything here.A lot of good releases came in mail and also that i found in my library,so here's one of them.I love this band a loooottt,thay had only two releases that i posted some time ago ******,get it before you get this or whatever,this was taken from a slovenian compilation The City Of..,i think it's that name,i don't have it complete but thank god i have all the songs from Low Punch.Some of the songs appear on their demo release but there are few that i never heard before,check it out if you like fast trashy hardcore punk!!

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