četvrtak, 25. listopada 2012.

Splitting Headache - Discography

Don't know why this band never bacame well known in punk circuits,or it's just that people expected i don't know what if you consider that members played in Tear It Up,Full Speed Ahead,Forward To Death,The Survivors.Early 80's hardcore punk,if you ever heard of the bands that i mentioned above you probably know what to expect.Here you can find their Night Terrors LP,self-titled 7'',The World's My Aim 7'' and their unreleased demo,enjoy.

utorak, 23. listopada 2012.

Code 13 - Discography (1994 - 2000)

Code 13 formed in 1994. Tattoo Shane and Trevor had already been jamming together for a while and had some songs.Felix's previous band Destroy had just broken up and the three started jamming together.Criminal Shane answered a "drummer wanted" ad placed at Extreme Noise Records.This first line up recorded "Doomed Society" and "They Made A Wasteland".During the late 1990's Code 13 took part in a renaissance of hardcore punk in Minneapolis.Due to the studio of the stars,Extreme Noise and later The Bomb Shelter there was an era of unity,creativity and action in twin cities scene.Code 13 toured the east coast and midwest four times,as well as numerous festivals and gigs in the midwest.Criminal Shane's invetiable arrest in 97 left the band with no drummer.Josh Wiss of local band Inveigh joined the band for about a year,recording the "A Part f America Died Today" EP.Also with Josh there there was a west coast tour in 1998.Josh left when Inveigh moved to L.A. and Mitch,ex drummer of Destroy,The Murderers,Servitude and Cirrhossis joined on drums.Tattoo Shane also left the band for a while to concetrate on his tattoo shop.Big Rick came in on bass.Code 13 toured Europe in 1999 and was lucky enough to go to Israel and play three gigs.After the tour Tatto Shane rejoined on bass.Code 13 toured Japan,SE Asia,Australia and New Zeland in 2000.Code 13 broke up in 2000 and played a final show at Thrash Fest in Minneapolis in 2001. (from liner notes)

četvrtak, 4. listopada 2012.

The Truth - Helltard

Gotta write something normal about this release 'cause my drummer also plays drums in The Truth and he is in balcan hardcore punk commision,hope i get some bonus points here or at least a big slap in the face.Both bands are from Serbia and most of them are well known on Serbian diy punk scene,at least Truth warriors which i know in person and i must say i'm a little afraid of them,maybe 'cause they are all bigger than me and older and too diy.As for the music,here you can find 3 songs of thrashy hardcore punk mixed with some melodies and youth crew parts,hm,they are true mixers (sorry guys it's because of your drummer that i'm writing this mambo jumbo).Helltard on the other side delivers 6 songs of fastcore mixed with some grind stuff,dark-negative-pissed,even faster live.Check it out and if you want to buy you can order this split 10'' from me (8 euro + postage).