petak, 20. prosinca 2013.

Ruiner - Discography

I didn't pay much attention when this guys were active,probably cause i was receveing a bunch of new bands to listen on a daily basis back then,who knows how many bands did i missed out because of that.This guys were and still are better than most of the bands that came out in that period,maybe modern but still no metal shit in their music.They mixed everything good from hardcore punk and never sounded boring.Melodic and pessimistic,that's the best way to describe them.I know i found myself in a lot of songs,so it's not just me and my life that are going down most of the time :D GET IT!

ponedjeljak, 16. prosinca 2013.

Flagpolers - Demo

Finally some trashy melo band in my inbox,not just modern metal stuff that i always ignore cause,well,maybe i'll start to listen to that one day (far,far future),but for now the answer is NO.

*** Rough Hooky Punk Rock from Vancouver, Canada. Made up of 3/4 Irish
Immigrants and a Famine Dodger playing Punk in the same vein of
Leatherface, Guns n Wankers and snuff. ***

Vagrants - Semi Frontal

So i've fixed a bunch of links from this year,only few left from january and after that i'll check 2012,go download if you missed something ;)

As for this band goes,i've recived a nice mail from a guy that is releasing them,cool stuff!

***Vagrants are from the west of Ireland in Galway. Playing fast totally 80's inspired Hardcore Punk. In the vein of Negative Approach,Government Warning and Direct Control with solos, anger and passion. No frills, no cheesy breakdowns just DIY punx.***

petak, 6. prosinca 2013.