subota, 25. kolovoza 2012.

Determination - They Who Step On The Tiger's Tail

Seewinkel hardcore!!!Got this a long time ago,think when Mladina Kina played at our house,2007 maybe,dunno,8 songs of early 80's influenced hardcore punk with some youth crew back vocals,nice combo.I thought that they broke up but as i see they are still playing or playing again,hope to see them.

***do not know what the fuck is going on but i downloaded the best of Cranberries,they had some nice hits.This only proves that i got a big heart or maybe that i'm a big cry baby 'cause every song makes me cry,well kill me if i've been honest here!!!!***

četvrtak, 23. kolovoza 2012.

Step On It & Crippled Fox - Tribute To Tony Soprano

So this two bands paid their respect to Tony and the Sopranos,interesting shit i must say, :) 10 songs of thrashing hardcore.Tony is the main theme in every song,killing-moshing-not taking shit from no one.This release goes well with my late night killing,got some strange mutated ants around my bed,okay,sorry,but the politic *if you don't mess with them they won't mess with you* don't work,and i'm not gonna be their food supply for winter or whatever,get the fuck out guys!!!

srijeda, 22. kolovoza 2012.

Coke Bust - 4 Song Sampler Demo

Got this when we played with Magrudergrind in 2006 or 2007(don't remember) , i talked a lot with the drummer after the show and he gave me this demo,what a blast,demo destroys!!Fast,loud,short and energetic,what more do you need???DC sXe hardcore!!!

Get Destroyed - Burnt Offerings

Hah,i was on some kind of a stand by mode the last 2 weeks,a lot of good music came to my address,and here's one.Fast and rageing hardcore with a lot od 90's powerviolence influences,this piece of plastic has been playing since i got it,so,hm,maybe a month,okay,20 days (hahahhhh).I know someone asked me how they sound,well,think of Despise You,did you get the picture???

nedjelja, 12. kolovoza 2012.

Monte Paradiso (fuck you davor)

Really don't know where to start,a lot of shit happened in this 3,hm,almost 4 days,trip,primitive punks can wait,trip to pula can wait,well all the stuff related to monte paradiso can wait 'cause i want to tell you a story(oh no) about grill hause *DAVOR* and the rude fucker that works there,hm,probably his name is davor.It was friday and we woke up round 6:45 am 'cause the sun started to burn us bad and dule didn't get any girl/boy action the night before so he was like *let's go,guys,don't sleep,let's go to town or beach or whatever* ,hah,and i was like,hm,still drunk.So in the end we decided to go to the beach,well,on our way to the beach dule said let's stop in some bar or something so we can drink coffe,what a bad idea was that (if i can only travel back in time...).So we saw this thrashy kind of mediteran style grill/coffe hause or a bar (call it what you like) *DAVOR* (DAVOR is the key word here) and we went there.A lot 80+ people sat there drinking rakija/beer/vine/coffe and us 3 drinking coffe and looking retarded as always.So,first conflict with *RUDE DAVOR* was when he didn't want to help dule with hiss cell phone,his battery died and he needed to recharge his phone but *RUDE DAVOR* went of with his stupid explanation why he don't want to help,bla,bla,he said a lot of stuff that it's hard to translate,so fuck you and you're italian language,are you in croatia or italy,jerk??!!!Well after that we've noticed that he gave us really small (but really small) cups of coffe that tasted real shit (and i know how shit tastes so this was close) to be honest,ah,man,but i stayed quiet.We sat there for maybe half an hour and i suddenly felt a huge urge to take a dump,so here we go,i went to the toilet,hm,toilet is for like a half person size and doesn't have a door,no,it has some kind of a plastic somethinh harmonica style shit that you pull,we can call it a curtain.So,after i closed that curtain i stepped in a big pool of piss and shit (maybe not a pool,but it was messy),the guy before me obviously pissed everything a did some nasty shit with the sink,so what the fuck did i do??Nothing,*DAVOR* shut down the light and i started to yell hey turn on the light and after that my urge to piss and take a dump went away.So i went out ,hah,but on my way out DAVOR STOPPED ME AND ASKED ME DID I CLEAN THE TOILET ?????????????????????????????? ?*??*?#""#"!""%&/$&&$&//()/&/%$#$# I was like WHAT THE FUCK??????????????? You idiot,did you asked the guy that went before me that??He just repeated the question and i said YES I CLEANED THE TOILET.After that we went from grill *DAVOR*,i was really pissed,but fuck him,maybe 20 min later i started to feel really sick,so,among all the shit that *DAVOR* poisoned me and i was sick the whole day and didn't drink any alcohol 'till the rest of the festival.If you ever find yourself in pula,don't go to grill *DAVOR*,if you go,please shit his toilet and don't clean after yourself and bring a flashlight 'cause that fucker will probably turn off  the light,arrrrrggghhh,DAVORS PRECIOUS TOILET.
Okay,*RUDE DAVOR R.I.P.,let's us see about the trip to pula...We took off on wednesday (7 pm) and started drinking (hah,well,yes),we stopped in novi marof to pick up borna and loren,but got stucked there for few hours,yes,beer and wine were the main problem.When we decided to continue our trip everyone except our driver,jurica,were quite wasted so after 30 min or less we stopped in sesvete where we ate some strange rice?????!!!Usually when we travel we need maybe 40 min to get to sesvete,but this time we needed 4 hours,hm,okay,no one complained.After sesvete we continued our trip,dunno the places where we stopped except maybe gas station in ravna gora (????) where i bought the best bread in the whole human history (when you're drunk every food that you find is the best,bla,bla). Also i sat on the theras and wanted to kick dule out of the car so i can take a stool from that theras with me,fuck,to bad i didn't do that.Okay,3 am and we arrived in pula and found rojc.Borna and loren immediately found familiar faces but we 3 didn't,we sat there maybe for 20 min and some gg alin no brain guy bugged us for cigarettes and alcohol,well,fuck,we went to sleep.I sleept outside by the car 'cause it was too hot and i had some problems with my ass (gas problems).When i woke up a nice italian hairy half naked ass was near me,okay,hello pula and hello to you hairy ass!!!We found a spot to put our stuff and tents and started to drink,to be honest,drinking the whole day felt good but if i knew that tomorrow *RUDE DAVOR* would poisoned me i would pack my things and return home.During the day we found a beach but it was more a place where toxic avenger would go,on the right was some nasty steel factory,on the left was INAs gas station for boats and in the front of us,hm,boats and sea full of all kinds of garbage,but that didn't stopped dule for taking a dip.After that he suddenly felt a nasty itch around his balls,so some disease got him,checked.Blah,blah,what about the bands,hmmm...bands that played on thursday,pass unnoticed,dunno why,see you in hell were the only one that i remember and they were good,fejer watched most of the bands on thursday but he said the same as i so,thursday was OKAY( hahahah).Aktivna propaganda,ak-47,fakofbolan,dislike,burial (don't know what to think about them),see you in hell were the bands that i really enjoyed,but there were two bands that i need to mention aside,first --Spermbirds,they destroyed,the best band on the festival,and second---Antisect the worst band not on the festival but maybe worst band ever,okay,why the fuck did they return from crust history??? sorry guys but you sucked on monte,better go home and live you're normal lives,for you the crust shit is over.
Of course there were a lot of distros,if i had maybe few millions i would bought everything that i needed,but okay,i bought few records,and as usuall Davor (nice Davor) from didn't have any change so i bought something that i never heard before but that 7'' is really good,okay,man,you are lucky but seriously,bring some change next time,hahahah.Minus points goes to whoever was runing the place with food 'cause the prices went up every day,what kind of politics is that???A big thanks to Neda (for showers and rakija for dule)!!!

***yeah this was the 20th monte paradiso but still primitive punks/fashion crust punks and all that scum showed that all that crap with unity,bla,bla,cannot work here on balkans,anarchy shirts and patches with messages for most of the visitors there were just to look cool,and i still don't get it why the fuck is wrong to wear a white blank shirt??? Not enough punk??***