srijeda, 25. lipnja 2014.

Day Of The Dead - Discography

Okay,here it is,complete discography (almost complete,missing their self titled release),Lisbon hardcore,for all of you that sent mails to post more from them,here it is,enjoy :)))

Grade - Under The Radar

Third release from this amaizing guys,i have to admit that took a lot of time for me to check them out cause at that time when i heard someone screaming or growling i would press X on my player and that's it.What a mistake.This guys combine a bunch of melodies with some hardcore/metal,and when you add clean vocals but also screaming from time to time you get something that you'll play on repeat for a long time. I said that they combine melodies with metal/hardcore cause on their earlies releases they sounded more raw,but here,man,if you ever enjoyed al those 90s emo/screamo bands than this is just a must check out.

ponedjeljak, 16. lipnja 2014.

Expire - Pretty Low

New Expire is here,what to say,i think i need to listen it more to say something that make some fucking sense. Eleven songs in just over 24 minutes,just get it,i'll write something in a few days.

četvrtak, 12. lipnja 2014.

To The Embers - Endless,Obstinate

I've posted their split with At Half Mast earlier but what the hell i'll post this release since this is it,not much info about them on the net and for the releases they have that split and this full album. They are from Milan,Italy and they are playing modern melodic hardocore but since they are from europe they don't sound like the bands from the states and sure have more edgier production,check it out.

At Half-Mast / To The Embers ‎– Split

This split was played too many times on my mp3 player when i rode home (from my girlfriend) on my bike,usually in some weird late hour,alone,no one on the road,only darkness and bugs  :D Both bands plays their version of melodic hardcore,even screamo maybe since At Half Mast side contains one song that lasts ove 6 minutes and they are mixing a lot of styles.If you're into melodic hardcore than this is for you,both bands are great and you'll push repeat over and over again. Don't get me wrong,this came out in 2008. and it's still more hardcore than metal considering the crap that bands usually play nowdays.

utorak, 10. lipnja 2014.

Fucked Up & Haymaker Split

Canada reprizent,not much to say here since i'm a big fan of both bands,this is just perfection.

Ulcer - Discography

This one was requested few weeks ago,sorry bro,i forgot to post it then,but hell,here it is finally. 40 songs of this amaizing band,fastcore/grind/trash but you can call it fast brutal hardcore,no bullshit here,no modern stuff,if you're into destroying something right away then this is for you.

Ingegno - Discography

It was about time fo me to post one of the best,maybe even the best band that came from Italy. My friends and i were just at the beginning of starting the band and all that crap when we found this guys. It was just what we wanted to play but since we were young and with no talent it was just a dream,but still this band is in top 5 bands on my list. They play fast hardcore punk,with a lot of stop and go parts,a lot of new york parts but they are fast and you don't even noticed what the hell is going on here,vocal sings in italian and it's something you never heard before,great band,get it!!!

Count Me Out - Discography

Count Me Out started in the fall of 1997 under the moniker "What The Fuck". Luckily, the band changed their name before playing their first show in December of that same year. In 1998 the group entered the studio with the then up-and-coming producer Brian McTernan to record their first e.p. "Few and Far Between". They shopped around the recording and finally found a home on the now defunct Ambassador Records. That summer the band embarked on their first U.S. tour with Death By Stereo and Time Flies. Most shows were at VFW halls and basements and after only a handfull of shows, Count Me Out found themselves stranded in Texas for a week after blowing up their engine. Still, they persevered and returned home more determined than ever.

After working and reworking countless songs and growing their hair out (yes, they were the first hardcore band to do that) they recorded "110". This was their first release with Indecision Records and the first recording to capture Count Me Out's powerful sound. After a full year of touring Count Me Out returned to the studio to record their final album "Permanent". If you only listen to one Count Me Out record, this is the one to listen to. From start to finish you find classically constructed hardcore athems picking up where bands like Chain of Strength and Statue had left off.

In February of 2003, after touring Europe, Count Me Out returned to Richmond and played an unannounced last show in the same small club where it had all started for them. In their relatively short existence Count Me Out made an undeniable impact on the straight edge hardcore scene which is still being felt today.

četvrtak, 5. lipnja 2014.

Offsides - It's A Struggle To Communicate

Connecticut reprizent,female fronted youth crew hardcore. Don't know if they are still active or what,there are not much info about them on the net,but never the less,check this band out, 6 songs in 11 minutes.

Misconduct - Signed In Blood

I've said everything about this band in my earlier posts,i don't like what they are doing nowdays but they change their line up and that's the result. I've like them more when they played fast hardcore,don't know,my friends share the same opinion as me,too bad. This one was released in 1998,6 songs of fast hardcore punk,sweden style.

Judiciary - Demo 2014

A good friend of mine sent me this demo to check it out,i was a bit sketchy about it cause all the new stuff that i get is always some modern metal crap,but i was surprised when i heard this. Since i'm a big fan of Expire when i heard this i said,okay,this is it,i want more. Don't know how much of you will enjoy this since this is not some fast trashy hardcore,this is some angry new york style hardcore with a lot of slow parts and 2 step parts,but what i like the most of this kind of bands that are comming out this days is that they are keeping it simple and they are not boring.This guys are from Texas and we'll probably hear much more from them in the future,get it!!!

srijeda, 4. lipnja 2014.

Mental Distress - Demo 2014

Female fronted Hardcore-Punk band from Strasbourg/France with members of More Dangerous Than A Thousand Rioters, Overreact and Galere. Got this few days back and i must say this is a killer release,fast trashy hardcore punk,even thou they have one song called I'd rather die than listen to Nofx,don't know what's the deal with this but since i grew up on Nofx i'm a little bit courios where's the problem :D Too bad Trashington DC split up,this two band on tour in this parts would be prefect.

Values Intact - Here Hearts

Not much to say here,great italian youth crew band,a looooottt of melodies with screaming vocals,this release was my first to hear from them and i instantly fell in love,only 6 songs,press repeat!!!

Appleshout - Our Desire To Live Is Stronger Than Yours To Die

Well,what to say about this guys,fast hardcore comming all the way from mother Russia,not much info about them on the net,i'm not surprised considering that they played hardcore in a country were laws are fucked up and you can get in trouble just by looking in the wrong way. Check them out,you won't regret it,it's a whole scene there that you never heard.

Failure Face - Complete Failure

If you never heard of this straight forvard killing machine from Florida,than you better not miss it this time. This is their discography release,40 songs of powerviolence that bands nowdays only wish they can play. They were active from 1993 - 1996,go get it,bro!!!!