četvrtak, 20. prosinca 2012.

You Suck! - Shit Happens EP

Killer release from this crazy Italians,9 short songs of fast and trashy hardcore similar to Vitamin X,plus a Gang Green cover.Even thou is winter and im broken of all the work,listening to this guys i wanna go out and do some shit,skate and destroy,but maybe it would be a good idea for me to learn how to skate,hm...oh just get this!!! (a big hello to Pulce and the rest of YS!)

subota, 15. prosinca 2012.

Nothing Else To Do - Demo

Another great band from Serbia,8 songs of oldschool hardcore mostly influenced with Battery,Atari,Better Than A Thousand.Dirty production,rough vocals,fucked up lyrics about every day life,do you need more???!!

petak, 14. prosinca 2012.

Positive And Focused,Youth Crew Compilations (2008,2010,2012)

Well,december is a youth crew month for me,hahah,probably 'cause i started working again so i need all the posi doses that i can get to get me thru the day and i must say this therapy worked just fine for now,hope it will continue.You can't go wrong here,3 compilations,27 bands from all over the world playing nothing but posi hardcore,most of the bands are unknown,well,for me,but one of the few compilations with not a single bad song (or a band).Get it before world ends!!!!!

utorak, 11. prosinca 2012.

Forever In Our Hearts (Commitment,2004)

This compilation contains ten mostly unreleased songs of Commitment bands past and present; featured are Cross Me, GuidingLine, Fairfight, X-Men, Vitamin X, North, Kids Like Us, One X More, Reaching Forward and Product X and, as you probably already expected: it's ten times of positive straight edge hardcore.

ponedjeljak, 10. prosinca 2012.

Personal Choice - Discography

So here you have it,complete discography of this amaizing sXe hardcore band from Sao Paolo,Brazil.They existed from 1993-1996,to fucking bad,what a band,sounded like faster and shorter 7 Seconds!!!

četvrtak, 6. prosinca 2012.

No More Fear - A Matter Of Choice

Classic oldschool SxE HC inspired by Ignite, Chain Of Strength, Youth Of Today and Bold. Feels like 1988 again, with lots of youth crew choruses!! Check my older post http://cleanxcut.blogspot.com/2012/11/no-more-fear-2001-2004.html .

utorak, 4. prosinca 2012.

FxPxOx - I Object! split cassete

I've just finish with my sports gambling shit and it's the second day that i won,not much but with this money i'll pay my train ticket tomorrow,yeah,someone buys booze or drugs,i buy tickets to get to my fellow mates from the band,finaly a rehearasal,shit,can't wait to play some nasty fast hardcore!!!Talking about fast hardcore,here we have a split between two great bands,FxPxOx from Macedonia plays ultra fast oldschool hardcore,short songs filled with anger and critics of all the shit that's wrong not just on the scene but also in their hometown,if you think it hard to live at your country,try Macedonia,and yes,they are all sXe!!On the other side you can find I Object!,female fronted sXe crew from the States,playing similar to FxPxOx!!I've heard them first time on this split and i was blown away,energy is all over the place,check it,bro!!!

subota, 1. prosinca 2012.

21 Enemy - Demo 2003

This second demo was released on Sell Our Souls Records from Barcelona, Spain and contains six songs of pure youthcrew hardcore, with all the usual ingredients: energetic vocals, crew backups, fast parts, breakdowns and lyrics about making a positive change. The six songs have a raw sound, but sound energetic enough to make it stand out as one of the better European youthcrew demo’s of 2003. Besides singing about bringing in the fun back in hardcore, being committed to hardcore and working for positive change, 21 Enemy shows its political stand in the anti-religious ‘2000 Years’ and the anti-racist ‘Strive For Brotherhood’.