utorak, 4. prosinca 2012.

FxPxOx - I Object! split cassete

I've just finish with my sports gambling shit and it's the second day that i won,not much but with this money i'll pay my train ticket tomorrow,yeah,someone buys booze or drugs,i buy tickets to get to my fellow mates from the band,finaly a rehearasal,shit,can't wait to play some nasty fast hardcore!!!Talking about fast hardcore,here we have a split between two great bands,FxPxOx from Macedonia plays ultra fast oldschool hardcore,short songs filled with anger and critics of all the shit that's wrong not just on the scene but also in their hometown,if you think it hard to live at your country,try Macedonia,and yes,they are all sXe!!On the other side you can find I Object!,female fronted sXe crew from the States,playing similar to FxPxOx!!I've heard them first time on this split and i was blown away,energy is all over the place,check it,bro!!!

2 komentara:

  1. to buraz! malo su ljudi zaboravili na I Object a bili su baš ono totalni pro!

    1. pa gledam malo kazete i vidim taj split pa reko,jebote kak još ovo nisam postal,a da,ljudi ni neaju pojma kakav bend je taj aj obđekt bil,dok makedonce znaju i stari i mladi d:)