srijeda, 28. svibnja 2014.

A Change For The Better compilation

Not much to say about this comp,it came out in 1990's,it features five bands and they are: Gut Instinct, Step Aside, Just Cause, Face Value, Endpoint. Grab this if you're into early 90's,late 80's hardcore punk,production of all the bands is raw and you really can feel what was going on back then.

The Truth - Voices From The Past

Discography release from one of the hardest working band from serbia,since i know this guys i can't write something bad here cause one of the members is a former boxing champion,as for others,well,they are with him and that's enough.If you're into trashy hardcore punk than this is for you,balkan bands always had their touch and their sound,this guys are not an exception. They tour a lot so be sure to check them out and buy them a few drinks,they are probably going to say that they don't drink alcohol but,shit,bro,when clock turns midnight they turn into professional beer/jack daniels destroyers. peace out!!!

Culto del Cargo - Nel Nome Dell'Uomo La Tecnica Macina Carne

One of too many new releases that i recive every day,i'm too lazy to post everything that i get so everyone that sends me their stuff,be patient,i'll post it sooner or later,but later is my thing :D as for this band goes,this came out in 2014 on 7'',500 copies,fast d-beat hardcore punk with two vocals (i think it's two),lyrics are in italian,six song in 10 minutes,check it out!!

četvrtak, 22. svibnja 2014.

Thrash Revenge On Skull Island compilation

I've been suffering of a bad headache every since i woke up really early in the morning today,this shitty weather is working against me,or i'm just getting old and grumpy and starting to complain on everything around me when i feel down or get stuck in bunch of problems. This compilation goes well with my shitty mood,don't think it's bad,it's great and has the right amount of everything to keep it on repeat,crossover trash fans are going to love this one.

srijeda, 21. svibnja 2014.

Anti You - Making Your Life Miserable

This came out in 2006,13 songs in 15minutes,as i've read somewhere this guys play a mix of '80s US/Italian hardcore punk,since i'm a big Cut The Shit fan,this guys are european version of them,check it out,if you like what you hear browse a little here,i've posted more stuff from them earlier and i'll post more when i catch more time.

utorak, 20. svibnja 2014.

Declaration - Final Chapter

This is it,no more from this guys,last release,too fucking bad. Great melodic hardcore punk,a lot of Comeback Kid/Champion influences,so you get the picture what's going on here :) For me,one of the few good bands in croatia,but no more,i wonder why all those shitty modern metal bands wouldn't split up insted,they don't have nothing to do neither with hardcore or metal or common sense if you ask me. If you like this one than browse my earlier posts,you'll find more from Declaration. GO!

ponedjeljak, 19. svibnja 2014.

Go For It! - Positive Straight Edge

Well,when people ask me why i still enjoy youth crew bands,well,my answer is (after all those years),i just like them and no mather how cliche some of them sounds it's something that always keeps my heart pumping more,i do not have some smart fancy schmancy answer for this,i can listen to youth crew over and over and never get bored.As for this comp goes,6 songs,11 minutes,3 bands,Strenght Approach,Reinforce,H-Street. Released in 1998 thru Refelections Records from Netherlands,i'm gonna post the whole Reinforce/Strenght Approach discography,don't worry :)

Oh,yeah,i almost forgot,the lyric sheet is wrong as for H-Street goes,apparently the pressing company made a mistake but later they did release this with good lyric sheet,bla,bla...

Prevent This Tragedy (Skate-core Compilation Vol. 1)

I'm glad that people do ask me (more beg) if i can post more compilations,that's cool,so here's just one of many that i have in my *to post* folder :) Swarm,Reinforce,H-Street,Diehard Youth,Suicide Note,In Reach,Santa Cruz Crisis,i must admit that i never heard of some of the bands listed on this comp,but,shit,that's what is all about with compilations. If you're new into this,well,expect some trashy hardcore punk here,nothing more and nothing less,H-Street and The Swarm were on repeat too many times in my players even thou the whole thing last less than 10 minutes,go get it!!

nedjelja, 18. svibnja 2014.

H-Street - Discography

It was about time for me to post some new music here,hehe,sorry my friends,sooooo many shit is going on in my life that i just don't have time for some good shares here,but okay,this one deserves a little sacrifice. Here is everything from this great austrian band that played some fast trash hardcore with a lot of melodies,think of Man Liffting Banner vs Hold X True and you'll get the picture what's going on here. If you missed out this band,well,it's never late to start ;) Here you can find their both demos from '98,'99 and their self titled 7'' from 1999.