petak, 31. svibnja 2013.

Council Of Rats - Council Of Rats

Rain,wind,cold.This three things is something you don't want to see or feel at 5am,on a bike,trust me.Where the fuck is summer??Council Of Rats,a young band from Milan,Italy,fitted well in my morning nightmare,dark crusty hardcore screaming about what to expect tomorrow...nothing.

četvrtak, 30. svibnja 2013.

Black Gust - Psychedelic Maelstrom

***Black Gust plays a mutant fusion of good old 80's american hardcore and garage punk drenched in gloomy riffs accompanied by snotty vocals & bitter lyrics. These fuck-ups have been compared to the Adolescents, Gang Green, RKL, "late era" Poison Idea, Turbonegro and some "newer" bands such as Annihilation Time, Night Fever and Leathervein. ( ***

Dick Cheney - Tour cd

Few weeks back this crazy ass fuckers crushed at my house,eating and drinking everything i had,maybe some of them went to my neighbours,who knows...No,this is not Cheney from Sweden,this guys are from Serbia,they share the same name but problems,hah,no comparison between this two cuntries.If you ask me this is trashy balkan hardcore punk from the 90's mixed with some rap/hip hop stuff,two vocals,lyrically covering a bunch of issues that are still not forgotten in this parts.

utorak, 21. svibnja 2013.

Hold X True - Discography

One post for may,well,sorry for that,i'm involved in a lot of stuff so time is the only thing i don't have lately + a big fuck of to my not so good friends from ugly fukkks ( spam you mothers and kill that annoying dog)!!!If you are a fan of  youth crew,especially band Atari than this is a must,i know i'm missing their split with Lepeselony so if you have it ---send it!!This guys are from Hungary and,i don't why,not so known outside this parts,melodic,fast,emotional,your new best band!! Gotta go to work $$%%&&&(=))()(//&$%W#$