četvrtak, 27. rujna 2012.

Container Crusties From Hell - Mihoen

Just watched Gone in 60 seconds and half of Rambo 4 and i must say that Nicolas Cage is one hell of a guy,i need some stuff maybe he could help me to steal it or just borrow it for a while,hm,maybe for a year or 50,ahhh,well but Rambo,Sly,no,no,no,first 3 parts are legendary but this,i give up on you on the half of the movie and that blonde chick ---> what the fuck is she doing there?!I can hear Friends are next,gonna make myself some crapy sandwich and enjoy before i past away from boredom.Just usual thursday for me,not burning mutinationals or governments,i took a day off.And what about this split?Container Crusties are for France,some crazy ass fast hardcore violence,Mihoen on the other side,also fast violent hardcore.This split is hard to find on the net so go get it and enjoy,fast/violent/short/pissed,what else do you need?!

Violent Arrest - Minute Manifestos

Fast and aggressive,don't know what else can you expect from this guys that played in bands such Heresy,Ripcord,Varukers.On this release you can find 10 songs played in 13 minutes,tight!!

ponedjeljak, 24. rujna 2012.

Chronic Sick - Reagan Bands

Pick this up at http://livinginadoomtown.blogspot.com/,this guys knows good music,well so did Chronic Sick.Yes they were not so popular back then but maybe people took them too seriously or just didn't understand their style,hahahhh,3 songs of pure perfection.

***Reissue of this obscure yet essential snot-punk classic by the fine folks at No Way Records. This thing is such an anomaly... a bunch of weirdos from New Jersey getting together to basically prototype the sound that would later be made famous by bands Screeching Weasel. In other words, this falls in that perfect sweet spot between hardcore punk where everything is catchy as hell while retaining the maximum level of aggression. Killer sound and reproduction of the original artwork on this reissue as well. (http://www.getresurrected.com)***

Government Flu - Fuck Poetics

Doing all kinds of house work today,yeah,doing but in the end i didn't do nothing,what a day,crazy playlist doh,GF's fuck poetics played loud and got my dad really mad,eehhhh,for info about this band check my earlier posts.

nedjelja, 23. rujna 2012.

In My Eyes - Nothing To Hide

Final release from this Boston sXe band,12 songs of youth crew hardcore.Take the risk on repeat from early morning.***I always promised I'd try my best.***

Thug X Life - All Eyez On You

ThugXLife stands strong, but on the positive side of the thing! Their music and lyrics are filled with youthful passion and they're full on straight edge HC with a good dose of anger. After well-received "You're the boss" demo and successful "Drug Free Tour 2011" with Cymeon X and Regres, this band from Poznan, Poland is coming with their debut 7". There's 8 songs influenced by the bands like Internal Affairs, Ten Yard Fight, Get the Most or Chain Of Strength. ThugXLife is a prove that the Edge isn't gone dull yet in Eastern/Central Europe!

subota, 22. rujna 2012.

Chain Of Strength ‎– The One Thing That Still Holds True

Brings me back when i lived with my ex girlfriend,she hated not just this band but the entire hardcore punk scene and everything related to it.It took months before i finnaly listen to this record,she was at home most of the time and as you guess,no vinyl playing for me,hah,those were the days,hahahah.Revelation reissued this but most of the people said that they sound best on their 7'' releases so if you find it somewhere get it,more raw,more energetic.This release contains both 7'' plus unreleased song Impact.For those that never heard about them," Chain Of Strength brings you straight edge hardcore in the purest form."

Sinking Ships - Disconnecting

My favorite release from this guys,modern hardcore similar to Have Heart,Final Fight,Bane and so on.When i got this back then i didn't like them,i was more into some other shit and this direction in hardcore was just starting to come here,but after a few months i heard Ghost Story somewhere and that was it,gave them another chance and they stayed on my mp3 player for a long time.Emotive but not so positive,goes perfect with this saturday.

srijeda, 19. rujna 2012.

Champion - Promises Kept

One of the few or maybe one of the last good youth crew bands that came out in this newer age before all those metal influenced bands nowdays,too fuckin' bad.This band got it all,energy,egde,posi attitude,fast parts,a looot of sing a long parts and most important the lyrics are just getting straight to me,hitting me hard.BECAUSE SOMETIMES THE ONLY PATH TO TAKE IS THE HARDEST ONE TO WALK!!!

nedjelja, 16. rujna 2012.

Government Flu - Demo

***Government Flu is one of the highlight of the HC scene in Poland with their no bullshit hardcore influenced by early 80s USHC like Black Flag, Antidote, Necros, Jerrys Kids etc. This is fast, tight and rockin'. It seems members of the band spent every day of the last decade doing bands (Knife In The Leg, The Black Tapes, Six Pack, Sunrise, Daymares, The Tangled Lines, Vitamin X and so on).***

petak, 14. rujna 2012.

Noose - Depraved Indifference

Too bad i didn't saw this band before they broke up or whatever did they do,a lot of stories are told about why they cancelled the rest of the tour...As the record,well,7 songs of great early 80's boston hardcore with some UK hardcore influences.Chicago vegan straight edge!!They were kicked from Refuse Records,here's a copy paste from the page:

***And here is an update from Robert of Refuse Records:

I found there is a lots of rumors and gossips going on around what happened during Noose tour. I want to make clear that the tour was definitely over when the drummer of Noose, Joey, left the stage before finishing their set in Toulouse after he felt uncomfortable after some comments coming out from the singer on stage.

Anyway, it was also a result of many other things that happened on the road. Lots of people who saw their shows or experienced Bucky’s actions had similar critical opinions. There was no way we could continue the tour after aggressive and sometimes violent behaviour of the singer towards other members of the band and also, after his arrogant and childish behaviours towards our driver Grzesiek and me but especially after his irresponsible and dangerous behaviours in the van when we were on full speed on highway, 9km from Toulouse. He was punching heavily his head against the window in the van. It results with the direct reaction from a driver who slapped Bucky in the face. Bucky’s actions in the van would kill us all on the highway.

He actually put us twice in a life-threatening situation on the same day – once on the highway and second, when our van broke as a direct result of his behaviour, when we had parked the van on the street, where, we found soon, was the main nazi-headquarter in Toulouse. When we were left by the band with the van, me and the driver were chased by local neo-nazis (two of them served in special forces of the French army). We were told that nazis had weapons in their HQ so we can consider ourselves pretty lucky.

During the show in Toulouse, singer was speaking insults towards the driver who was not there (not really brave and direct, he was too scared to confront us directly). He said things like „I was slapped by the driver who is a jock and he doesn’t even speaks MY language” and also „Fuck the driver” etc. He’s lucky that we were not at this show as it would end up with our immediate reaction. I need to mention that driver on this tour was a good friend of mine, Grzesiek. He’s a person involved since many years in local Hc/Punk and Straight Edge scene in Warsaw but especially active in antifascist and anarchist movements since many years. He was also a driver for Right Idea on their european tour. He doesn’t speak English and it seems it was serious problem for Bucky as he expressed this feelings in his xenophobic rhetoric on stage.

All this insults expressed by the singer happened more or less the same time when we got in troubles with nazis, trying to protect the van, equipment and also personal things of the band members. After the show it seemed some of the members tried to run away without paying their debts for the van, backline and driver. Luckily, we were there to make sure to get our money back. At the end they left their drummer, Joey, who’s still staying with us. He’s left with all the debts and responsibilities.

Joey was the only reliable and responsible person from the band, who paid most of the debts so far, mostly from his own packet. Joey was also responsible and involved in booking the tour, putting out the record, printing t-shirts and he did a lot of work to make this tour possible.

Joey will start selling t-shirts and records leftovers from the tour so please support him. Other members are travelling Europe at the moment (Barcelona, Oslo) and it seems they’re not broke and at the same time they still owe money to the driver and to Joey, and as I want to mention again, who is paying their debts from his own packet. At the moment we’re still waiting for the van reparations and it’s gonna costs us 800 Euros.

I feel like Bucky should pay for this. I don’t think he deserved for any support whenever he is in Europe at the moment. We’re in a good hands now here in Toulouse, so I want to thank again to Nab, Claire and Pablo for everything they’re doing for us. Robertxxx, Toulouse, 12.06.2012***

***NOOSE is officially kicked out from Refuse Records (as a first band ever related with my label ). There will be no second pressing of the EP. I feel sorry for everyone who felt excluded and offended by pseudo-militant and intolerant statements of the singer of Noose on stage and his behaviors on the road. I promise to be more careful with the touring bands and bands signed on Refuse Records. I’ll… keep my standards higher than ever from now.***

Tear It Up - Tear It Up 7''

Agressive,fast and trashy hardcore punk,the words here mean shit,just get this and enjoy!!!I FEEL BETTER ALREADY!!!

četvrtak, 13. rujna 2012.

November 13th

So here it is,most of the stuff that they released,45 songs,few songs are missing that appeared on some compilations.Songs are from split with AK 47,split with Grube und Pendel,s/t LP,Stillstand/Weiter LP.

***November 13th crust is dark and gloomy in the vein of His Hero is Gone, Wolgbrigade and From Ashes Rise delivering one amazing blending of these bands with dark melodies thrown here and there. As they say "Our music is a kind of reflection to our sorrow, our anger and our fears. We are three dissatisfied kids who hate this system. We're pissed, we're angry, we don't feel like homophobic idiots, sexists and racists. We're annoyed by the powerlessness to change things. We're annoyed by the stupidity and dullness of the most people in society. We're annoyed by the things how they are. We're not about to take it! We don't feel like working from nine to five, go home and watch TV. Our music, our message is also an announcement to struggle against the dominating world. There is so much injustice you can point at, what most people don't realize. Sure we can't change anything just with music, but maybe we can awake some of the people and reach their hearts. We know that all those things have been told many times before, but those are the things that torture us, the things that scare us. Our lyrics are not that cunning but they are a reflection of our emotions and feelings. In our music we process our experiences with society, relationships, animal rights, shallowness and much more. And anyway, of course we enjoy this quite young style of music, and we're happy, that there are so many bands who stand for the same things that our music is about"*** (taken from http://crust-demos.blogspot.com)


ponedjeljak, 10. rujna 2012.

AK 47 - November 13th

Split release,AK 47 are from croatia,playing fast crusty hardcore (wrote about them yesterday,check the post) and November 13th are from germany,playing similar to The Now Denial,so if you know tnd then you know what to expect,great dark hardcore with some melodic influences.

nedjelja, 9. rujna 2012.

AK 47 - To Razum Grmi U Svom Gnjevu

One of the most important band in the ex yu region,playing fast crusty hardcore,spraeding their antifa ideals and showing the real truth about what the fuck happened and what is still happening here,right before our eyes.Without this band and the label/distro that stands behind them,people (and the bands) here probably would never see and feel the true meaning of diy etics.Our scene is our weapon!!