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Chronic Sick - Reagan Bands

Pick this up at http://livinginadoomtown.blogspot.com/,this guys knows good music,well so did Chronic Sick.Yes they were not so popular back then but maybe people took them too seriously or just didn't understand their style,hahahhh,3 songs of pure perfection.

***Reissue of this obscure yet essential snot-punk classic by the fine folks at No Way Records. This thing is such an anomaly... a bunch of weirdos from New Jersey getting together to basically prototype the sound that would later be made famous by bands Screeching Weasel. In other words, this falls in that perfect sweet spot between hardcore punk where everything is catchy as hell while retaining the maximum level of aggression. Killer sound and reproduction of the original artwork on this reissue as well. (http://www.getresurrected.com)***

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