srijeda, 5. rujna 2012.

Kill Your Idols - Something Started Here 1995-2007

My summer vacation is over,some chapters in my life were closed,new ones got opened,mahhh,that's life,best thing to do is to find something that you really enjoy and do all your stuff around it.Sounds simple but here on the balcans life is everything but not simple and people are getting primitive day bay day ( more primitive?ohh yeahhh).So what about this release,it contains 38 songs that were released on various comps.,splits,a lot of rarities and b sides,fucking killer.KYI were from NY,but don't expect any macho bullshit or similar stuff that comes to your mind when you read *NY hardcore*,'cause they were everything but not a typical band.A lot of people compare them with Negative Approach,well they sure had that edgy sound like NA,but the they mixed a lot of other styles in their music,a lot of melodies also.They covered a lot of bands like S.O.A.,Exploited,Jawbreaker,Sheer Terror,Slapshot...GET IT!

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  1. yo,sused, evo popravljeno,rokaj dole,odličan bend,iako na vinilu još jedno 500x bolji :) pozdravi mi Mandu i braću Čirić!!