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Chronic Sick - The Cutest Band In Hardcore

Released in 1982,what the hell was going on in their heads back then,hahah!!This is truly a piece of gold,6 songs of,to be honest,melodic hardcore,maybe even pop punk,better get this one and see for yourself.A lot of stories were told about this band and how much they loved to get in fights and most of the time get beaten,well fuckkkk,people didn't realize that they just enjoyed to annoy others,here's one of too many reviews soo you'll get the picture,hahahahha :

***Last and definitely least The Cutest Band In Hardcore E.P. by Chronic Sick. This is the worst. The worst words. These kids should get beat up. If they want to be shocking why don't they kill themselves on stage. I think that's better than writing racist and sexist songs that will make people want to kill them anyway. We appreciate a colorful crowd so if they know what's good for them they won't play New York again.
-Javi Savage, from Big City zine #4, May/June 1983***

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