četvrtak, 13. rujna 2012.

November 13th

So here it is,most of the stuff that they released,45 songs,few songs are missing that appeared on some compilations.Songs are from split with AK 47,split with Grube und Pendel,s/t LP,Stillstand/Weiter LP.

***November 13th crust is dark and gloomy in the vein of His Hero is Gone, Wolgbrigade and From Ashes Rise delivering one amazing blending of these bands with dark melodies thrown here and there. As they say "Our music is a kind of reflection to our sorrow, our anger and our fears. We are three dissatisfied kids who hate this system. We're pissed, we're angry, we don't feel like homophobic idiots, sexists and racists. We're annoyed by the powerlessness to change things. We're annoyed by the stupidity and dullness of the most people in society. We're annoyed by the things how they are. We're not about to take it! We don't feel like working from nine to five, go home and watch TV. Our music, our message is also an announcement to struggle against the dominating world. There is so much injustice you can point at, what most people don't realize. Sure we can't change anything just with music, but maybe we can awake some of the people and reach their hearts. We know that all those things have been told many times before, but those are the things that torture us, the things that scare us. Our lyrics are not that cunning but they are a reflection of our emotions and feelings. In our music we process our experiences with society, relationships, animal rights, shallowness and much more. And anyway, of course we enjoy this quite young style of music, and we're happy, that there are so many bands who stand for the same things that our music is about"*** (taken from http://crust-demos.blogspot.com)


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