nedjelja, 24. lipnja 2012.

The Gate Crashers - Are A Bunch Of Motherfuckers

Got no inspiration to write something smart about this release,it's fast it's pissed and it's short,so that's it,go and get it!!!

Scholastic Deth - Final Examiner

Scholastic Deth was a straight-edge thrashcore/powerviolence band from the San Francisco Bay area. They released 3 EPs (Shackle Me Not!, Revenge of the Nerds and Killed by School, all on the 625 Thrashcore label) and this "Final Examiner" Cd is their full completed discography before disbanding in 2002, also under 625 records. It's a scorching collection of the recorded works Scholastic Deth, Includes all three of the band's ferocious EPs, some compilation cuts, unreleased madness, and a complete radio show. Enhanced CD features a video compilation of live footage from various shows. Packaged with a 28-page booklet full of crap. They had a sound which differed from many of their peers, which seemed to take a lot of qualities from old-school hardcore, creating fast, fun and positive music with a message. This message dealt with everything from skateboarding, the love of coffee and life as a nerd, to the lack of substance and political awareness in hardcore today, problems and calling people on their shit within DIY subculture and the hypocrisy surrounding punks bidding on a 2oz piece of vinyl on a corporate auction site.
43 minute with 50 song CD, this discography is blazing fast thrash/hardcore style all sung by the legendary Max625 himself. (taken from

subota, 16. lipnja 2012.

Anti You - Two-Bit Schemes And Cold War Dreams

From Rome,Italy,when i heard this release i was blown away,if you like Direct Control/Carreer Suicide/Government Warning than this is your next band on the playlist!!From all the shit that's been coming out lately in Europe,this band is one of the few that really step out,hardcore at it's best!!

Crucial Section - Against The Wind

Finally got this on vinyl,this guys are from Japan and they play fast thrasy hardcore punk strongly influenced with 80's european bands like Ripcord or Heresy,great!!!

ponedjeljak, 11. lipnja 2012.

Aktivna Propaganda - Podobe Iz Teme

New release from this hardworking Slovenian band!!!10 songs of fast hardcore punk,critical,direct,catchy with a lot of sing a long parts.One of the few bands that are still around and still loyal to diy ethics,antifa beliefs and actually doing something for hardcore punk community.

srijeda, 6. lipnja 2012.

nedjelja, 3. lipnja 2012.

Brivido / Homo Homini Lupus

I remember that i was really hungry the other day when i woke up 'cause i spent my last money to buy this,thank god i bought my train ticket in both ways if not i would probably spent that sunday walking home or calling my brother to come and pick me up or being thrown out of the train,90km on foot doesn't sound good especially if you are hungry,haha.So,this is a split release,both bands are from Croatia,Brivido side---9 new songs of rippin' trashy hardcore punk,short,laud and no bullshit.HHL side---7 songs,crusty grindcore violence,maybe to metalic for me but still they are not boring like similar bands from that genre.Thanx to Davor for sending me mp3 of this release,i think that he runs this site .check it out,a lot of cool stuff!!!

The Now Denial - Narshardaa Singles Club = No.1

This is another rare shit from this guys,only 350 7'' were pressed,this was also ripped from a record and probably available for the first time in mp3 so you better check it if you're into them.Three killer songs,if you know tnd then you know what to expect,if not,well,check my older posts.

The Now Denial - Fuck Your Boredom

A friend of mine ripped this 7'' to mp3,so it's finnaly available to everyone,not just record freaks like me. :D This was their final release,i thinks it's more darker and heavier if you compare it to older stuff but never the less still sounds great,crusty hardcore punk.

Warsong - The Caravan EP

After their debut release "Ancient Times" this guys are back with another great release.Five brand new songs,catchy melodic hardcore punk ,'80s style.

Committed - One Chance

Fourteen straight edge hardcore songs from Cleveland's Committed.Positive youth crew,'88 style!!