nedjelja, 24. lipnja 2012.

Scholastic Deth - Final Examiner

Scholastic Deth was a straight-edge thrashcore/powerviolence band from the San Francisco Bay area. They released 3 EPs (Shackle Me Not!, Revenge of the Nerds and Killed by School, all on the 625 Thrashcore label) and this "Final Examiner" Cd is their full completed discography before disbanding in 2002, also under 625 records. It's a scorching collection of the recorded works Scholastic Deth, Includes all three of the band's ferocious EPs, some compilation cuts, unreleased madness, and a complete radio show. Enhanced CD features a video compilation of live footage from various shows. Packaged with a 28-page booklet full of crap. They had a sound which differed from many of their peers, which seemed to take a lot of qualities from old-school hardcore, creating fast, fun and positive music with a message. This message dealt with everything from skateboarding, the love of coffee and life as a nerd, to the lack of substance and political awareness in hardcore today, problems and calling people on their shit within DIY subculture and the hypocrisy surrounding punks bidding on a 2oz piece of vinyl on a corporate auction site.
43 minute with 50 song CD, this discography is blazing fast thrash/hardcore style all sung by the legendary Max625 himself. (taken from

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