nedjelja, 3. lipnja 2012.

Brivido / Homo Homini Lupus

I remember that i was really hungry the other day when i woke up 'cause i spent my last money to buy this,thank god i bought my train ticket in both ways if not i would probably spent that sunday walking home or calling my brother to come and pick me up or being thrown out of the train,90km on foot doesn't sound good especially if you are hungry,haha.So,this is a split release,both bands are from Croatia,Brivido side---9 new songs of rippin' trashy hardcore punk,short,laud and no bullshit.HHL side---7 songs,crusty grindcore violence,maybe to metalic for me but still they are not boring like similar bands from that genre.Thanx to Davor for sending me mp3 of this release,i think that he runs this site .check it out,a lot of cool stuff!!!

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