nedjelja, 22. travnja 2012.

Rogernomix - Demo

This demo was released in 2009,it features two members from Shortlived (New Zeland),male/female vocals,they play their version of crusty hardcore punk and they play it good,a lot of Shortlived influences,great!! (taken from here,thanks)

Damage Deposit - Radio K Session

Damage Deposit live set,they brought me back to life this morning after sleeping in my bass bag and freezing my ass the whole night,but that's another story...go get this!!!

Betercore - 2003 live!

Live set from this Dutch destroyers,15 killer songs plus Black Flag and Infest cover,more violence more chaos!!

utorak, 17. travnja 2012.

The Now-Denial - Mundane Lullaby

I knew that drinking coffe at 8pm was not a good idea,especially if you go to work in the morning,well,i'll regret this in the morning.TND change their sound a bit on this release,a lot of rock riffs mixed with their well known crusty hardcore style,at first i was sceptic bu after a few listenings i must say that this is really good.They sound dirty and energetic,too bad that they broke up,i would love to hear this songs live.Check my earlier posts if you want more of them!!

Betercore / Olho De Gato

Betercore and O.D.G,youthcrust power violence split.Sounds crazy but in the end this is so fucking true,12 songs in 11 minutes,fast,raw,vocals are all over the place,destroying all the fucked up shit that stands in their way!!!My obsession with dutch hardcore continues...

Senata Fox / Brivido

9 songs of hardcore violence,this two bands are from Croatia and this split is pure gold,go and get it!!!

ponedjeljak, 16. travnja 2012.

Violent Arrest - Violent Arrest 7''

You probably heard of this guys,members of Ripcord and Heresy,back again.Early Boston mixed with U.K. rawness, they remind me a lot of SSD,especially the vocal.,get it!!!

Chuck Damage - Chuck Damage 7''

This 7'' destroys,6 songs in 5 minutes,dirty riffs and production,angry vocal,a lot of early 80s boston influences,what more do you want??!!!

Blank Stare - 7'' (Refuse)

Only 3 songs from this Boston sXe band,fucking great!!Fast oldschool hardcore full of rage and energy,if you're into Cut The Shit,Haymaker,Damage Deposit,well fuck it,they sound like the mix of all of those bands,killer!!!

slow month or what?!!!?

Not really,a lot of good things happened this month,maybe my 25th birthday was not one of  this things 'cause for the first time in my life i was feeling  little down that day,probably got some serious problems in my own head,25 is not the end of the world,fuck,it's not even the beginning of life,okay,yes it is,for some of my friends it's the last year before giving up from this life and just work,have kids and all that crap,ohhh!!!Yes,my birthday was in some strange tone,but i got over it the same day :DDD drama queen maybe... got a lot of new records,comics,parts for my bikes,so i was more into all of that then my blog,so if someone got hurt by not writing anything for days,here i am,don't be mad (probably i'm talking with my self).Last tuesday was a gig which i attended with my friends,that was a surprise 'cause i was planing to go alone,day before was a gig also and everyone went except me,well,not into rise and fall right now and oathbreaker (don't know was i ever...).That day i was working and after work i went hiking,yes,hiking with my crazy friend,he needed some fresh air before the gig,well,i say okay and we went hiking on čevo (it's the name of the mountain,hm,a really small mountain,my english is bad and i'm too lazy to go check is it a mountain or a big hill or i don't know),yes,i was in my skate-got-a-lot-holes shoes,what a mistake,few near death experiences,few cuts,bruises and so on and i was at home thinking what the fuck just happened and why the fuck i went hiking before the gig??!!!I thinks it's the weather,last few months it had some serious affect on my head... (or maybe lack of alcohol???) okay,after a hour and a half drive we came to zagreb,it was 10pm,a lot of people that i know came,so from the start i knew it's gonna be a cool show.That night only two bands were playing,the pathetics (zg/čk) and the truth (serbia),the pathetics were first,some great 80s hardcore punk,mid tempo,i was surprised by the vocal from blaž  'cause it was really good,it just melted with the music that they were playing,black flag meets gajo!!Guys from the truth were also good,vojkan was in his shorts as always,gay punk attraction,maybe they played too short,but that was just my opinion.The gig was in some relaxed and cooled down tone,for me this was what i needed,i was fucked up from 5 am,so i was not in some slam-stage dive action mood that day,and that hiking fucked me real good.To bad that we didn't come earlier,i was really hoping to hang out more with the crew from serbia,next timeee!!!

nedjelja, 8. travnja 2012.

Secret Seven - Play Fast Like There Is No Tomorrow

Malaysia thrashcore madness!!

Final Fight - Under Attack

Released in 2005,i remember that a friend of mine gave me a lot of new music to listen,this release was one of the few that was really good.This is maybe modern hardcore,but too bad that today it's something completely different,why the fuck didn't stayed like this...short songs,a lot of sing a longs,short brake downs,melodies,that's it,hope that all this new bands coming would play more like them.

subota, 7. travnja 2012.

Revenge Therapy - Discography

So what's up??!!I've got a few mails (that's really rare nowadays) ,with the same requests,haha,to write more about what's happening in my so called life,yeah,well,okay.I would love to post more music and write more but,you know,when you work 10 or 12 hours a day in some thrasy factory (in my case,it's an umbrella factory!!haha,yes,i know rihannas megahit you bastards,don't worry!!) you don't feel any urge to live when you get home.Every day is a struggle (hm,this is a line from somewhere...) for me,i hate working,especially for someone who has millions and millions.Just for example,place where i work,every person there does maybe 20 or 30 parasols every day,one parasol is 200+ euros,over 20 working days a month,you do the math,paycheck is maybe 400 euros,so that's sad,really sad,but what the fuck can i or someone else do?? 400 000 people are without a job,so i can say i'm lucky...lucky or not,8-10-12 hours a day working for me is just completely waste of time and (still) i get up every morning (04:50 AM) and go to die a little bit more.Maybe this sound too depressive but after a while this became normal to me,i would love to do more in my free time but sometimes it feels so fucking good to rest and sleep after work 'till the next morning,yes it does!!!So,it's a struggle,i want more from life,i would love to play more,ride my bmx,listen to records,reed comics,hangout more,do a million more things,but sadly day only last 24 hours,not 25...Without music i would probably be dead,seriously,too bad that our diy place is gone,i think that period of my life was one of the best,a lot of gigs,new people,a lot of new things,it was great.
I'm gonna stop here and say something about the band that i posted,my personal drownings will continue later,don't worry.
Just recently i've managed to find more from this guys,the are pure gold.On the net there are to little info or anything else about them.Description on lastfm says "Kid Dynamite meets Unbroken",well,maybe, i really can't compare them with no one,fast hardcore with some melodies,screaming vocal.On repeat for days,"importance of failure", best song by them!!