subota, 7. travnja 2012.

Revenge Therapy - Discography

So what's up??!!I've got a few mails (that's really rare nowadays) ,with the same requests,haha,to write more about what's happening in my so called life,yeah,well,okay.I would love to post more music and write more but,you know,when you work 10 or 12 hours a day in some thrasy factory (in my case,it's an umbrella factory!!haha,yes,i know rihannas megahit you bastards,don't worry!!) you don't feel any urge to live when you get home.Every day is a struggle (hm,this is a line from somewhere...) for me,i hate working,especially for someone who has millions and millions.Just for example,place where i work,every person there does maybe 20 or 30 parasols every day,one parasol is 200+ euros,over 20 working days a month,you do the math,paycheck is maybe 400 euros,so that's sad,really sad,but what the fuck can i or someone else do?? 400 000 people are without a job,so i can say i'm lucky...lucky or not,8-10-12 hours a day working for me is just completely waste of time and (still) i get up every morning (04:50 AM) and go to die a little bit more.Maybe this sound too depressive but after a while this became normal to me,i would love to do more in my free time but sometimes it feels so fucking good to rest and sleep after work 'till the next morning,yes it does!!!So,it's a struggle,i want more from life,i would love to play more,ride my bmx,listen to records,reed comics,hangout more,do a million more things,but sadly day only last 24 hours,not 25...Without music i would probably be dead,seriously,too bad that our diy place is gone,i think that period of my life was one of the best,a lot of gigs,new people,a lot of new things,it was great.
I'm gonna stop here and say something about the band that i posted,my personal drownings will continue later,don't worry.
Just recently i've managed to find more from this guys,the are pure gold.On the net there are to little info or anything else about them.Description on lastfm says "Kid Dynamite meets Unbroken",well,maybe, i really can't compare them with no one,fast hardcore with some melodies,screaming vocal.On repeat for days,"importance of failure", best song by them!!

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