subota, 6. srpnja 2013.

Sick Thoughts - Cut A Rug

First things first,no posts last month,why?! feeling lazy. That's it,my lazyness,stupid excuse but,hey,give me a break.Saturday night,watching spider man cartons,best shit that ever came from cartoon network,okay,and swat cats.Yeah,i'm sorry that i'm not burning churches and governments right now,too much wine yesterday,so i'm on a short break this weekend.As for this band goes,Drew sent my an email,bla,bla,if someone is from Baltimore and wants to play sloppy garage punk than Drew is your guy.Why,well,he recorded this release and a few more all by himself cause noone wants to play with him,or,everybody hates him,or everybody else wants to play modern metal mua mua pua shit ( i could go on till morning).I think that this is his first relase,sloppy garage punk,and it's good,even thou later stuff is better,i hear some Repos influence,or maybe i'm still drunk,fuck it,get it!!!