petak, 28. studenoga 2014.

X-Men - We Won't Take Part EP (1998)

Another post with X and another band from Commitment,hah,only good band on that label. This band feautured members from two sXe bands from Rotterdam but which ones,i don't know,mistery over this guys. As for music goes,Judge/Chain Of Strength comes in my mind. Another one that is hard to find,pick it up!

One X More - They Say That You Sold Out / One X More

So here they are,both releases of this great Belgian sXe youth crew band. Their st release was out in '98 and their second and last release in '99 on Commitment records. Very fast band with rough vocals and a lot of melodies,they are hare to find on the net so check it out,i think there are still couple of their 7'' for sale,so don't be a cheap bastard and buy it (you won't die if you pay couple of dollars for good music).

četvrtak, 27. studenoga 2014.

Links from 2014 are fixed and working!

 Welllll,it was about time,don't you think??!! Go grab some of the bands that you wanted to download from this year that i posted but the links were dead :) Fixing links from 2013 right now,a lot of work,but okay,got the time at the moment,and,yes,make or break discography is up again so go get it,to many emails about that post and how i need to fixed it. That's it,i'll post some new shit tomorrow,some stuff that i've listened a lot down there on the island while i was working,now i have some kind of month off so i'm at home,fixing bikes and dead links here,cool shit :)