ponedjeljak, 13. veljače 2012.

Just Say Go!

An Australian Youth Crew Hardcore band, disbanded in late 2007. Sing-a-long oriented. In late 2003, 4 kids got together in a small practice space in Brisbanes Fortitude Valley with the intentions of having fun and playing hardcore with heart and message. Drawing influences from the likes of Gorilla Biscuits, Insted, Bold, Chain of Strength, In My Eyes, Time Flies, Mouthpiece, and other youth crew bands, led to a fast paced, energetic sound.

***still working at that terrible umbrella factory,so i'm still dying and feeling like shit,but this band is on repeat and nothing else matters. (yeahh i still hate my job!!!)*** d.

utorak, 7. veljače 2012.

Time X - Good Moves Not Good Players

Fast youthcrew hardcore from Portugal,on 7'' release there are 8 songs,and on cd release 2 more with 2 covers(Negative Approach and DYS).They also have split releases with Bloodpact (fastcore) and Over My Dead Body (sXe hardcore punk).

ponedjeljak, 6. veljače 2012.

Verbal Abuse - Just An American Band

Another classic release from 1983.Fast,cynical and hateful early US hardcore punk,one of my favorites of that era,later stuff is,hmm,not that good so better stick to this release :)

nedjelja, 5. veljače 2012.

Despise You - Westside Horizons

Get ready for some ultra fast violence!!!They were one of the best uncompromising power violence units during the mid 90's.This is a discography release,62 songs,yeahhh,you know what to expect ;)