srijeda, 23. travnja 2014.

Thirsty and miserable

Shit bro,yes i am,and you also know that black flag song,if not,well,that's just wrong.No posts here lately,we're riding and not giving a fuck,i'll post some more music soon,untill then here are two pics of todays ride,we've got lost and continue to go on,shit,it was fun especially for me and my 20mm tires,life's short to think all the time ;)

roads? we don't need roads.

bibi's *about to snap* face

ponedjeljak, 7. travnja 2014.

Day Of The Dead - The Damage Done split 7''

Two great oldschool SxE HC bands. The former are from Portugal and play rough aggressive HC between American Nightmare, Atari, Bane and His Hero Is Gone, and even offer a Los Crudos cover here, while The Damage Done come from California and play oldschool HC in the vein of No For An Answer, Insted or Carry On. (

Full Of Hell / Disciples Of Christ / Dislike 17.06.2014. Čakovec,Croatia

Great gig is coming up in Čakovec,if you don't have any plans come and support!!!

subota, 5. travnja 2014.

Mein Comp (Youth Attack,Soviet State,2004)

If you see the liner notes of this compilation you'll get the picture of what's going on here. Bands represented here are: Knife Fight,Limp Wrist,The Oath,Punch In The Face,Tear It Up,Reagan SS,Gate Crashers,Fourteen Or Fight,Last In Line,John Brown's Army. Hah,if you know all the bands than you know what to expect of this comp,short,pissed and on repeat,yeah,i know,trashy hardcore or die.

petak, 4. travnja 2014.

Verse - Discography

Okay,after some bike posts here's some music,this was requested,well,i never gave much attention to this band when they were active (they are active again,but,shit,their last release was not that good,don't know why bands broke up and then reunite in a year or two,fuck it),probably cause i was reciveing so much new music back then and didn't had the time to listen all the new bands.I must say that this guys were good,just enough of melody and harder parts combined with lyrics that strikes directly in heart (or it's maybe that i went thru a lot of shit untill now so i can found myself in a lot of songs).This band is from the *newer era* so you probably know averything about them,and i'm a little lazy to write history and all that shit,if you're missing any of the releases than you're at the right place.GO!

Gipiemme Sprint Pedals

Found this babies for a few bucks,standard scratches and dirt are present,need to clean them up and see what's going on the inside,usually there are a lot of surprises :D 

Gipiemme Special Strada

Well,it was not my choice,gipiemme parts just kept comming in my garage,most of my friends don't like them,just campagnolo,nothing else,shit bro,that would be nice and good if you would actually ride a bike more than 5 minutes on the internet. There's a huge history behind this manufacturer and usually people say if you can't afford campy stuff than look for some gipiemme and you won't get disappointed.I didn't look,it just found it's way to come to me :D I'll post a bunch of stuff that i have from them,for now here's few photos of a bottom bracket that was on some oooollldd rog prestige bike (you never heard of rog,we'll get back to them later),gipiemme special,too bad that it's not complete,i mean,one of the cups are from their sprint series,but fuck it,it still looks great and works perfect. Workers in rog we're known to put a mix of groups on their bikes,this is just one of the example :)

utorak, 1. travnja 2014.

Life's great,sometimes.

Hey boys and girls,i didn't forgot this shit of a blog,classic lazyness and bunch of life changeing events so don't be mad at me :( Too many music is waiting to be posted,to many bicycles are waiting to be finished,hm,but i'm also waiting to get back on track (hehe,ten yard fight babyyyyy). One of my compadres sad to post some photos of us idiots rideing and beying stupid,so here they are,we're not professionals,just enjoying life when there's a chance,you should do the same,fuck the net,fuck sitting at home and refreshing all of those shitty pages,peace out. Danko

aaaaa,nothing feels good like home ground (but without idiots,and that's like 90%)

veljo has won a race against himself,after that beers,thanks

yeah,i like beeing in the back,look at that view 3:)

talking about world peace

we're here but going to fast,can't see us

hah,we deserve a brake,romantic lake,beers,what else do you wantttt

oujeeeaaaa baby

well,this is the best way to finish a ride