petak, 4. travnja 2014.

Verse - Discography

Okay,after some bike posts here's some music,this was requested,well,i never gave much attention to this band when they were active (they are active again,but,shit,their last release was not that good,don't know why bands broke up and then reunite in a year or two,fuck it),probably cause i was reciveing so much new music back then and didn't had the time to listen all the new bands.I must say that this guys were good,just enough of melody and harder parts combined with lyrics that strikes directly in heart (or it's maybe that i went thru a lot of shit untill now so i can found myself in a lot of songs).This band is from the *newer era* so you probably know averything about them,and i'm a little lazy to write history and all that shit,if you're missing any of the releases than you're at the right place.GO!

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