utorak, 1. travnja 2014.

Life's great,sometimes.

Hey boys and girls,i didn't forgot this shit of a blog,classic lazyness and bunch of life changeing events so don't be mad at me :( Too many music is waiting to be posted,to many bicycles are waiting to be finished,hm,but i'm also waiting to get back on track (hehe,ten yard fight babyyyyy). One of my compadres sad to post some photos of us idiots rideing and beying stupid,so here they are,we're not professionals,just enjoying life when there's a chance,you should do the same,fuck the net,fuck sitting at home and refreshing all of those shitty pages,peace out. Danko

aaaaa,nothing feels good like home ground (but without idiots,and that's like 90%)

veljo has won a race against himself,after that beers,thanks

yeah,i like beeing in the back,look at that view 3:)

talking about world peace

we're here but going to fast,can't see us

hah,we deserve a brake,romantic lake,beers,what else do you wantttt

oujeeeaaaa baby

well,this is the best way to finish a ride

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  1. hell jea bejbe, living the good life for a change...vidim da imaš proper crew, nadam se da stignem do vžja jedan vikend da se odemo vozit prije nego mi odeš u druge zemlje...pusa