petak, 4. travnja 2014.

Gipiemme Special Strada

Well,it was not my choice,gipiemme parts just kept comming in my garage,most of my friends don't like them,just campagnolo,nothing else,shit bro,that would be nice and good if you would actually ride a bike more than 5 minutes on the internet. There's a huge history behind this manufacturer and usually people say if you can't afford campy stuff than look for some gipiemme and you won't get disappointed.I didn't look,it just found it's way to come to me :D I'll post a bunch of stuff that i have from them,for now here's few photos of a bottom bracket that was on some oooollldd rog prestige bike (you never heard of rog,we'll get back to them later),gipiemme special,too bad that it's not complete,i mean,one of the cups are from their sprint series,but fuck it,it still looks great and works perfect. Workers in rog we're known to put a mix of groups on their bikes,this is just one of the example :)

2 komentara:

  1. ti baš voliš tu staru kramu jel:-)
    trebo si me zahaltat kad sam još imao gomilu starog dura ace-a , a ne ovo euro smeće;-)

    1. Svima se dura ejs doma pometal,pas mater,a bum dosel jednog dana do njega za neki oke kes,iam doma neku staru dura ace kazetu,to je pocetak :D a do onda se zajebavam sa taljanima,dok se kes vani okrene prvo bude otisel poveci dio na neke konkretno :)