četvrtak, 31. siječnja 2013.

Misconduct - A Change

Not much info or anything else about this release on the net,how can this be forgotten?!!Released in 1997,10 songs of oldschool hardcore,short,fast and in your face,this masterpiece was on repeat for a loooong time,one of the first hardcore bands i've heard,too bad that they went to play some shity melodic punk,changed a lot of members but why the fuck they didn't change the name also?!!If you ask me about Misconduct,A Change is the only album you need from them!!

nedjelja, 27. siječnja 2013.

Half The Battle - What We Have

Well,i was quite surprised when i found out that this band is from Phillipines,maybe the crucial fact was that the singer is from the States (that is something that i also found out much,much later).This release gathers everything they ever put out from 2003-2009,14 songs in 26 minutes,youth crew hardcore!If you like Battery,Better Than A Thousand,Rancor and so on,you should pick this up asap!!!

"What makes this music crucial is the fact that it isn't about the music. It isn't about the sickest riffs, or the heaviest 'breakdown'.. It isn't about the singer's powerful scream.. The music is a way to reach out to kids and share ideas with them."
-Easy, Tight End Fanzine Interview 2009

subota, 26. siječnja 2013.

Guyana Punch Line - Direkt Aktion

It's half past midnight and i'm half drunk,saturday started shitty and it sure will end the same,this release is sick and weird and describes exactly what the fuck is happening in my head right now,this is a materpiece of all violent music...

 “smashism means a 1000 different things to 1000 different people, but at the heart of it is the notion that no matter how out of control technology becomes, the controlling forces can be brought down with a swifty swing of a stick.
Guyana Punch Line is a 4 piece antimusical terrorunit from Columbia, South Carolina. Practitioners of the philosophy of “smashism”, the group seeks to unload its IRRITAINMENT cargo on the unwilling and unsuspecting. ///// ///// ///// ///// ///// ///// Smashism characterizes itself as an antidogmatic dogma, an anti-systemic system, an anti-religious religion, an idea devoid of any idea. Smashism turns art into garbage and vice-vera. Smashism recognizes the power-weilders and it lies to them. Smashism will liberate you from work. Smashism seeks to ignore food as sustinance, but embraces it as a weapon. Smashism goes into spasms, urinates, throws flour, screams, crawls, knocks tables over, stabs, kicks, punches, paints, sculpts, fucks. Smashism may or may not become everything it hates. Smashism must run itself into the ground in order to properly be considered Smashism. Smashism accepts mistakes (also called shams or clams) and embraces the manner in which they positively mutate the realities of the past. Smashism assumes that anyone in power must suffer some form of humiliation. Smashism publically denies any involvement in illegal activities. Smashism would like to run all music through an effect. Smashism is more honey and less money. Smashism is more feeling and less thinking. Smashism seeks to make all that is ugly, beautiful (or at least interesting). Smashism will replace the family unit with heaps of dirty laundry. Smashism must destroy all tourist centres. Smashism accepts that “noise” is the infintessimal scales between the notes. Smashism realizes that bodily functions can be effectively used as insults. Smashism must always tear itself down in order to prove it is for real. Nothing is so extreme that it cannot be instantly realized through Smashism. Smashism will eventually destroy all art as commodity. Smashism seeks to undo all societal training. Smashism doesn’t attempt to learn foriegn languages, it instead creates new words. Smashism likes that “smash hit” sounds like “smash it”. Smashism seeks to invent absurd new fetishes. Smashism wants to destroy the tired old concept of procreation. Smashism likes the way sweat smells. Smashism must dress to annoy the populace until the populace follows in its footsteps… then it must go nude. Smashism accepts all forms of music, but cannot play any of them. Smashism was dead on arrival.

You can wear a cowboy hat to make fun of people who wear cowboy hats, but in the end you just come off looking like a guy wearing a cowboy hat.”
— Guyana Punch Line

petak, 25. siječnja 2013.

Even Worse - The F.A.

*** Full length split release between two great bands out of Germany.Both of them fit well with the best DIY oriented hardcore bands from Germany from the last few years like HIGHSCORE,DEAN DIRG,SHORT FUSE,THE TANGLED LINES or SHUT THE FUCK UP.THE F.A is coming from Giessen. Their debut vinyl release contains 6 songs of female fronted hardcore filled with fast tempos with breaks and some heavier parts. The singer used to sing later for the band GLASSES.
EVEN WORSE's release brings 8 songs,mixing posi-old school HC energy,thrashy fast tempos (unlike DS-13) with some early 80's hcpunk. (http://www.emancypunx.com/) ***

četvrtak, 24. siječnja 2013.

Bi-Marks ‎– The Golden Years

***18 blistering tracks of non stop hardcore punk!Once you drop this wax on your turntable you will glue it down for a while.You can't just listen to one song this is an addictive album that just refuses to stop!The gift that keeps giving...Bi Marks!*** Well,i can't agree more,see you guys in may!!

srijeda, 23. siječnja 2013.

Backsight / Kids On The Move - Bridging Oceans Split

What a great release,i never heard of this two bands before and that's a fucking shame!!Both bands are represented with 6 songs each,melodic posi hardcore with gang bang backvocals all over the place!!France vs Malaysia,hah,it's a tie!

petak, 18. siječnja 2013.

Razlog Za - Panic Overdose

Prvo da kažem,PUNO HVALA Daracu za ripanje ovog čuda s kazete (napokon neka korist od fejsa,makr meni i dalje služi za brutalno trolanje),dobro da ja nisam ni stavljal jer moja  kazeta nie u tak dobrom stanju koliko njegova,tak da bi čuli samo šumove,dok je ovo čist pristojno.Uglavnom,ovaj split je rijetkost i briem da jako malo ljudi ima to doma il je opče čulo za to,buraz davno dovlekel al moram priznat da mi nie bilo dobro na prvo slušanje,makr u to vreme sam bil brutalni melodičar pa mi nike nie bilo dobro ak nie bilo speglano i ugodno za srce i dušu :) Izdano od strane Bloody Murderer,Razlog Za strana se sastoji od live snimke iz Ilirske Bistrice (11.04.1998.) i 2 live stvari sa Organiziranog Kaosa (05.01.1996.) te kratkog intervjua koji zvuči malo sotonski al to samo zbog starosti kazete,tak da nema bediranja,papci!!Panic Overdose strana pak se sastoji od  3 live seta,i to live iz Železnika (31.10.1997.),live iz Kopra (05.08.1997.) i live iz Ljubljane (08.09.1997.).Ajde skidaj a ja idem rokat nočnu,pas mater!

srijeda, 16. siječnja 2013.

Freak Power - Compilation (Fuck Yoga)

An international compilation featuring extreme hardcore/ grind/ noise bands. All songs are unreleased. Bands featured are:

BURMESE (supreme punishing noise), APARTMENT 213 (cult hateful hardcore), JUDAS (frantic metallic hardcore), BRAIN DEAD (heavy fast/slow hardcore), BUD JUNKEES (scummy stoner trash), SENATA FOX (fast scandi trash), MONSTERS OF POT (melted minds), WADGE (freaky hawaii-themed grindcore), SETE STAR SEPT (bizarre grindcore), WARFAIR? (crusty wargrind), ATENTAT NA SLUH (animalistic noisecore), NIHILIST COMMANDO (harsh noisecore), CRIME DESIRE (uplifting occult hardcore), HATRED SURGE (very aggressive hardcore, shaun/ COLD SWEAT on vocals), IRON LUNG (ultra violent hardcore), POTOP (BIG BLACK/ SWANS medley), MAKUA VALLEY BLAST TEST (mutant hardcore), DE NOVISSIMIS (cathartic sludge/ grind).

The zine has interviews with THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE, APARTMENT 213, BURMESE and SETE STAR SEPT + horror movie talk by Colin M. Tappe (CRIME DESIRE/ LIFE IS A RAPE) and an in-depth analysis of IN A GLASS CAGE. 36 pages.

utorak, 15. siječnja 2013.

Knife In The Leg - The Fight

Both bands played in my hometown years back,great people,great show!Knife In The Leg delivers some oldschool angry nihilistic hardcore,(back then i didn't like much this kind of hardcore,i was to fastcore :D ) The Fight on the other side plays fast furious hardcore with strong female vocals mixed with a lot of melodies.

Submerge - Karras

***Not content to be one of (if not THE) most devastating neo-grind act in France, SUBMERGE continue their quest to conquer the entire universe with one of their best efforts to date. On this split with fellow violence-fiends KARRAS, the band wields their music like the hammer of Thor and brings it crashing trough the skull of any grind fan smart enough to buy this very limited record. I don't know if this band has any full length albums out, but if they do not, it is a crime against humanity. KARRAS, for their part, do a stellar job of providing a counterpoise for SUBMERGE. They are unleash a harsh and driving sound that is what you might imagine a grind band signed to AmRep would sound like. TODAY IS THE DAY, at their more direct, is the best comparison I can come up with.*** (http://www.inmusicwetrust.com/articles/60p31.html)

Sidetracked - Wrench

Only 150 copies made and,thanks to Ara,i've got one!!! This is some crazy ass shit,12 songs in less than 4 minutes,i must admit that i got tired of flipping sides :D Thank god,it came with a download code for digital release.This is my first hearing of Sidetracked and i must say i'm addicted,short,fast,over the top dirty,this release is me every day at 5 am!!!

srijeda, 9. siječnja 2013.

Mindless Violence - Damage

Marko (MV) sent me this split to check it out and i must say it's great!!Both bands are represented with 3 songs,Mindless Violence (Macedonia) side is more in hardcore balkan style thrash waters and Damage (Sweden) side is more in some 80's US hardcore punk.Don't know much about what is going on with the members of Damage,but as for the Mindless Violence goes i know that they are all involved in a lot of stuff considering hardcore punk diy scene in Macedonia,feel free to contact them if you want to play there or just hang out or i don't know,drink mastika and eat tons of baclava!!!

utorak, 8. siječnja 2013.

Wormeaters - Wardeath

New Jersey's Wormeaters return with their 3rd EP, but it's their first for Sorry State and their first with a new vocalist. The hate just seethes from the grooves on this record... it's as if the band is treating their guitar strings and vocal chords as if they were the jugular veins of their bitterest enemies. Unlike a lot of one-trick ponies out there, Wormeaters retain this level of near-blinding rage through both fast tracks like "Spray" and mid-paced, punch-your-friends-in-the-face anthems like "Scabs."

utorak, 1. siječnja 2013.