nedjelja, 27. siječnja 2013.

Half The Battle - What We Have

Well,i was quite surprised when i found out that this band is from Phillipines,maybe the crucial fact was that the singer is from the States (that is something that i also found out much,much later).This release gathers everything they ever put out from 2003-2009,14 songs in 26 minutes,youth crew hardcore!If you like Battery,Better Than A Thousand,Rancor and so on,you should pick this up asap!!!

"What makes this music crucial is the fact that it isn't about the music. It isn't about the sickest riffs, or the heaviest 'breakdown'.. It isn't about the singer's powerful scream.. The music is a way to reach out to kids and share ideas with them."
-Easy, Tight End Fanzine Interview 2009

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