srijeda, 16. siječnja 2013.

Freak Power - Compilation (Fuck Yoga)

An international compilation featuring extreme hardcore/ grind/ noise bands. All songs are unreleased. Bands featured are:

BURMESE (supreme punishing noise), APARTMENT 213 (cult hateful hardcore), JUDAS (frantic metallic hardcore), BRAIN DEAD (heavy fast/slow hardcore), BUD JUNKEES (scummy stoner trash), SENATA FOX (fast scandi trash), MONSTERS OF POT (melted minds), WADGE (freaky hawaii-themed grindcore), SETE STAR SEPT (bizarre grindcore), WARFAIR? (crusty wargrind), ATENTAT NA SLUH (animalistic noisecore), NIHILIST COMMANDO (harsh noisecore), CRIME DESIRE (uplifting occult hardcore), HATRED SURGE (very aggressive hardcore, shaun/ COLD SWEAT on vocals), IRON LUNG (ultra violent hardcore), POTOP (BIG BLACK/ SWANS medley), MAKUA VALLEY BLAST TEST (mutant hardcore), DE NOVISSIMIS (cathartic sludge/ grind).

The zine has interviews with THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE, APARTMENT 213, BURMESE and SETE STAR SEPT + horror movie talk by Colin M. Tappe (CRIME DESIRE/ LIFE IS A RAPE) and an in-depth analysis of IN A GLASS CAGE. 36 pages.

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