ponedjeljak, 19. svibnja 2014.

Go For It! - Positive Straight Edge

Well,when people ask me why i still enjoy youth crew bands,well,my answer is (after all those years),i just like them and no mather how cliche some of them sounds it's something that always keeps my heart pumping more,i do not have some smart fancy schmancy answer for this,i can listen to youth crew over and over and never get bored.As for this comp goes,6 songs,11 minutes,3 bands,Strenght Approach,Reinforce,H-Street. Released in 1998 thru Refelections Records from Netherlands,i'm gonna post the whole Reinforce/Strenght Approach discography,don't worry :)

Oh,yeah,i almost forgot,the lyric sheet is wrong as for H-Street goes,apparently the pressing company made a mistake but later they did release this with good lyric sheet,bla,bla...

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