četvrtak, 4. listopada 2012.

The Truth - Helltard

Gotta write something normal about this release 'cause my drummer also plays drums in The Truth and he is in balcan hardcore punk commision,hope i get some bonus points here or at least a big slap in the face.Both bands are from Serbia and most of them are well known on Serbian diy punk scene,at least Truth warriors which i know in person and i must say i'm a little afraid of them,maybe 'cause they are all bigger than me and older and too diy.As for the music,here you can find 3 songs of thrashy hardcore punk mixed with some melodies and youth crew parts,hm,they are true mixers (sorry guys it's because of your drummer that i'm writing this mambo jumbo).Helltard on the other side delivers 6 songs of fastcore mixed with some grind stuff,dark-negative-pissed,even faster live.Check it out and if you want to buy you can order this split 10'' from me (8 euro + postage).

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