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Low Punch - Act...Revolt...Live...

I don't remember which gig it was but i do remember that my brother told me to buy this cd,i never heard of them before,maybe because i was listening only melopunk/hardcore,bands from epitaph/fat,yeah a was a big melo punk back there,only love and melody,hahhahah!! I never even heard of this kind of style,i know that when i first played this cd i was like --wtf,this is insane,vocal is screaming,music is way to fast,what is going on here??!!-- but after few times that i've listen to it i wanted more and more,so i can say that this band was my ticket to fast/trashy hardcore punk.Hm,i'm blubering here to much i think,haha,so about this album,it was their second and final release,13 songs,fast,short but filled with a lot of  melody and youth crew back vocals,they've managed to be brutal and catchy at the same time,i don't know if any other band played like them.This cd was released by Choose Life Records in 2000.

Their demo was released in 1999.,it contained 11 songs which were more oldschool style,but still fast and catchy.
Oh,yeah,i almost forgot,this band was from Ajdovščina,Slovenija.

                Low Punch - Act...Revolt...Live... :

                Low Punch - Demo:

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