utorak, 31. siječnja 2012.

Brat Pack - Hate The Neighbours

This guys deserves more but currently i'm so sick that i just wanna die,fucking cold!!!High temperature,headache,filling like shit,you know the filling,and it can get even worse cause the place where i work has nothing,not a single thing that produces anything similar to heat,i hate everything,this shitty job got me this cold,aaaaaargggggghhhhh!!!Brat Pack is playing on my mp3 and also on my player the last two days,they are the only thing that keeps me in touch with reality,thankssssss guys!!!If you never heard of them,well,they are from Netherland and they play some good hardcore punk like the old RKL or Adolescents or even Bad Religion,just download it!!I'm going to bed,it's time to die a little again,stupid cold please go away!!!

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