četvrtak, 5. siječnja 2012.

F.P.O. -The Only Dead End Is Refusing To See A Way Out

F.P.O. or Forever Positively Obsessed,i could write a whole book about them,they were not just a band but a whole movement,involved in a bunch of other stuff around the scene,not just playing,but doing so many other things that inspired people to do something with their lives.This release contains 21 songs that were also released in a lot of others splits and compilations,every songs has his own explanation,a story as i see it,every day problems and situations that we all encounter.Here is a copy paste from their web page so you can get a better picture of them ;) :  FxPxOx is our honest rebellion against the human hypocrisy, the uncompromising materiality, competition and profit, organized religion, the abuse of animals and people, nazism, sexism, homophobia, elitism, drugs (legal and illegal), the police, the army… Our ideology is inspired from the anarchist idea and the D.I.Y movement and the music is mix of good old HC/punk bands from the 80’s, Scandinavian 80’s HC, british anarchopunk and american thrash… from the ‘80’s of course:))) From all of this comes out one really weird and fast combination of happiness, rebellion and incurable enthusiasm!!! Real adrenalin injection!!! Even the genetic sorrow, which sparks from the Macedonian ground can’t overshadow our life’s positivism! Straight… but straight to the point!!!

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