utorak, 17. siječnja 2012.

Shortlived - s/t

Last few days were totally fucked for me 'cause i started working on a really shitty job and my mind is on the edge most of the time...I need money,milionsssssssssssss and i also need a gun,hm,or a machine gun,there are a lot of people around me that i hate and some of them don't deserve to live.So after this short info about what's going in my life,lets say something about this crazy fastcore band from New Zeland.I think that this says everything: " they kick out some fucking angry "Drop Dead" inspired fastcore " ,ohhhh yes they do!!I can't find any info if they still play,would love to see them again and also i would love to write more about them but i'm so tired,this new job is killing me...Check them out!!!!!!

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