srijeda, 11. siječnja 2012.

What They Fear

As i was cleaning my room (girlfriend is coming tomorrow,hah) i found this under some old magazines( not porn,hahahah) ,i totally forgot about this slovenian band.We were planing to go on tour with them but they broke up  month before the tour or less,as i remember their vocal went on some field trip or something with his school and never came back,or he came back but he was not interested in playing any more,hah,some weird shit happened to him on that trip... This was recorded in 2007,some of the songs were for a split with us,but that never happened.,too bad.They played oldschool hardcore punk.Short songs filled with criticism against the people of their hometown.This release contains 9 songs (10min),they are all on slovenian language,if you want to know more about the songs just let me know 'cause every song has its own explanation in english and it's not a problem to copy it ;)


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