subota, 8. veljače 2014.

Odyssey - Discography

Couldn't find much about this band anywhere,there are too many bands with the same name,from pop to funk and milion more styles,too fucking bad. I couldn't find any covers from the releases except for Fighters,i do not believe that they were so opskure or unkown. As for music goes,fast straight edge hardcore with melodies and sing a longs,they remind me a lot to swedens Section 8. Here you can find the following releases:  -Eleven Reasons To Live,Eleven Reasons To Die, - Fighters, - Generic Lines To A Scene Drowning In Boredom.

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  1. They were from Curitiba city and started in 2001 with a demo cassette, here's a link to their 1st CD "Eleven reasons to live, Eleven reasons to die" for sale with some info and video!!

    we used to go crazy on their shows!

    cheers mate!