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Atari - Ten Years Strong Discography

To bad that my bike isn't fixed yet,cause the weather is perfect,my health also...this band is just made for driving,energetic,fast,melodic,inspirative.They are one of too many bands that are so underrated and still don't know why is that the case cause they deserve much more attention.Go get it!!!

***Thirty one song discography from this "1997-era" straight-edge / skate-edge band from Pennsylvania. Includes the "Too Tired To Drive Home" and "We'll Be Fighting" 7"s, their side of the split 7" with Carpenter Ant, their tracks from the "Rebirth of Hardcore", "Growing Stronger" and "What We Share" compilations, the entire 1996 demo, and a complete live set from the short lived Allentown, PA venue, the Sweatshop.***

...I can honestly that my times with Atari were some of the best.As cliche as this might sound, i know i'll never forget them.The friendships i've made really do mean world to me.All the kids that sang along,all the kids that wrote (especially the ones we never wrote back),all the bands we played with and everyone who ever came up to me and ahook my hand ans said "nice set",trust me,it meant a lot.I doubt that Atari had any major imapact on the hardcore scene.Although we were around for almoust 7 years,we were only playing shows for about 3.I went back on a lot of things i used to sing about just like a lot of bands that i used to make fun of for doing just that.I'm sure a lot of people have written us off as just another "youth crew revival band" or "sell outs" or whatever.We were by no means the biggest band of our "era" and never toured anywhere or had a web page or made money off the band.We never put out 12'' or a cd or had our records on eBay go for much more than their original selling price.But then again,when i was practicing Joystick Fury on Nate's acoustic guitar,i never thought i'd get a letter from a kid in Norway telling me how his band ends their set with a cover of  Up Front.What means the most to me are the stories.Everybody has their own.Whether it's a story about a show or a stagedive or just the car ride getting to the show,they're all great stories.They may not mean anything to anyone else besides you and your friends but they're not supposed to.They're yours because you lived them.They're yours because you made them happen.Atari gave me a lot od great stories.Thanks for taking the time to read all this crap.Now get up and do whatever the fuck you want to.It's your life.Just fucking GO!

Skate Tough - Brett

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